LoranThere are many things that I am passionate about Hypnotherapy, Neuro Sciences, Self Development, Success Mindset to name but a few!

For me, ANXIETY, STRESS, WORRY & FEAR are the biggest threats to society today… To YOU!

Their negative side effects cause illness both mental & physical, plus feelings of apathy, hopelessness and isolation.

I believe everyone has the right to be happy and so I have studied neuro & energy sciences to be able to help people do just that, BE HAPPY!

If you are fed up being fed up or feel like somethings really got to change, that enough’s enough! – stop reading this and get in touch right now using the details at the bottom of the page, make an appointment and get it sorted. Lifes too short to be wasting it regretting your past or worrying about your future, your time is now, make the most of it.

You can remove your stress, anxieties, fears & worries easily and I can show you how.

Since 2005, I have successfully designed and delivered many self-development sessions, courses and programmes that have positively impacted peoples lives allowing them to live the way they really want to.

I do this because I am very passionate that everyone should be able to live full & happy lives, lives full of fun and laughter, not worry and fear!

As I previously said, I have been a fully qualified, insured & practising integrated therapist & trainer since 2005.

I conduct hypnosis, coaching & healing sessions on a 1-2-1 basis in various venues in the UK incl. Twickenham Mx, Sunbury Mx, Tadley Hants and via Skype, Telephone & Webinar, Globally.

I specialise in Anxiety, Worry, Fear & Stress as this unfortunately has become seen as an acceptable way of living in our current society BUT it has a hugely negative knock-on effect both mentally and physically, which can negatively affect not only you, but your loved ones as well.

Life should be enjoyable and I am here to teach you how yours can be.

Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Worry can come out in various ways affecting your energy, decision making and choices in life and here are some of the ways that I can help you.

I offer programmes and sessions on the following:

Weight reduction, weight loss, eating disorders and Virtual Hypno Gastric Band because this is an area of many people lives that they just cannot seem to get right and spend alot of time, energy and money trying to be what they want to be and either not achieving it at all or achieving it for a very limited time. Weight issues are mainly emotional and mental, only once the triggers, negative associations and past habits are rectified and/or erdicated can you really begin to enjoy the freedom of thinking and acting like a slim person.

Smoking Cessation, Stop Smoking – One session it’s all it takes to become a satisfied and happy non-smoker! I am a preferred therapist of NSCI (National Smoking Cessation Institute)

Infertility – Male and Female, 120 day carefully designed bespoke programmes that eradicate any blocks & fears to reproduction, whilst fine tuning the body and mind for easy, effective fertility, conception and pregnancy.

Specialised individualised 1:1 sessions – to internally combat and remove your inner blocks, challenges in thinking, abolishing past regrets/ties instead creating new positive thoughts, beliefs and ways of thinking meaning that you can move forward to really start being who you want to be doing what you want to do.

The LORAN Programme – 6 month intensive coaching programme that literally allows you let go of the past that’s been holding you back and grab life with two hands to create the life and future you want.

I believe that my specially designed and delivered sessions, products & programmes enable you to change what you want to change in an easy and effective way.

Why make living hard when you can make it really easy?

I provide retreats as I had personally benefitted from retreats in the past. When you totally absorb yourself in a new learning or way of being you cannot help but reap the benefits – very quickly! These retreats have been carefully designed to not only provide you with tip-top professional service but to also create an experiential learning enviroment where you easily adapt and absorb new behaviours and learnings in an enjoyable, fun and relaxed enviroment.

Downloadable Products:
I have created various MP3/MP4 self-help products, such as ‘Simply Slim’, ‘Virtual Gastric Band’, ‘Wealth Walk’, ‘Programmed for Success!‘. As well as ‘Grow Rich in your Dreams’ and ‘Pile on the Pounds – How to get a big fat wallet!’ which are downloadable books. You can purchase these www.lorannorthey.com

You can also access for free many self-development videos/MP4’s on www.youtube.com/lorannorthey. There are new editions being added regularly.

As I am a Qualified Teacher, NLP Trainer, SymbioDynamics Trainer, Advanced Hypnotherapist & Reiki Healer as well as being fully qualified and very experienced in Integrated therapies, I have been able to merge these powerful technologies to create powerful and lasting change – for you!

I look forward to working with you to assist you in making the changes that you want to make. Please contact me via the details below.

To your Success!
Loran Northey

Tel: 07709 56 4426
Email: Info@LoranNorthey.com


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