11 ways you could solve your problem

1 Change the meaning you put on your “problems”.

Always spend viagra soft tabs 80% of your time on the solution, and only 20% of your time on the problem! Your mind is a problem solving machine – so ask it the right questions a

nd it will search and find the answer for you. I.e. instead of how do I get out of this? Ask your self-What do I need to do now to

improve my situation? You will get your answer back. Where from? Well that”s not really important, some will say it”s your unconscious or higher self, some will says it”s your intuition, a collective consciousness or maybe a guide of some sort. Does it matter where it comes from? Whatever the response it”s the right one for you, so listen up and take action!

2 Know what you want – get your outcome clear

What”s the different between a goal and a dream? Purely the fact that you write down a goal means that psychologically and physically we connect on a cellular level to that “dream” once it”s written down. The writing process itself fires off neural pathways as we visualise, think about and emotionally attach to that goal, picturing it as real and therefore creating a future history memory in our minds, meaning that the unconscious thinks that this is real and will therefore prompt you in actions and thought to make it a reality.

3 Change the questions you ask yourself about “problems”.

If you ask yourself questions like:-

“Why does this always happen to me?!!”
“How come I can”t make this work??!!”
“Why are others in their “flow” and find it easy but not me??!!!”

If you do please stop, these questions make you feel disempowered, out of control of the situation or problem and they do not help to find a solution. You may become disheartened, annoyed or desperate and these are not beneficial mental states to be able to think clearly and use your mental resources rationally and productively.

Instead, It would be more beneficial to ask yourself questions like these:-

“How can I turn this situation around quickly and effectively whilst having fun in the process?”
“How can I learn from this situation? What is the lesson for me here?”
“What”s the potential opportunity for me here-what am I missing?”
“What”s the one thing that if I did it right now would positively impact on all the others?”
“Will this even matter 2 years from now?”

Asking the questions in a solution finding way will affect our feelings positively, giving an element of choice and control to the situation.

4 Change the language you use when it comes to “problems”.

Firstly, stop using the word “problem”.

If your business has burnt to the ground, you”re crashing plane without in a parachute, or your doctor has told you “The good news, is we”re going to be naming this very rare condition after you! Then you”ve got a problem!

The language you use affects the emotions you experience.

“Problems” are tedious, they can drag you down but “challenges” are an “opportunity” to change things to move forward! Try it for yourself say “problem” and then “challenge” and see how different the pictures in your mind are and the feelings associated with them. From now, if your hear yourself saying “problem” quickly say “stop” and change the word to “challenge” and see how that changes things for you?
A simple way of distinguishing how these two words differ is the phrase “You up for a challenge?” most people before they even know the details of the challenge will say “Yep!” however if someone said to you” you up for a problem?” most people would say “Urgh no, you”re joking aren”t you?” It just doesn”t evoke the same enthusiasm does it?

5 Change the way you are using your Body / Physiology

The quickest way to change the way you feel is by changing your physiology.
Have you ever been to one of those personal development seminars where every 20 minutes or so you have to jump up, high five, dance or clap vigorously. You can feel a bit of a berk to begin with but very shortly you”re energised, invigorated and more focussed!

When you feel tired, worn out, exhausted, problems can often seem much bigger, overwhelming and/or insurmountable.

If you feel that way what you need to do immediately is get up and start moving. Dance around your room, jog on the spot, star jumps, do the spotty dog along the corridor, go for a walk in the park, do some stretches, breathe deeply from the stomach. Get moving!

Get that oxygen flowing through your body. Feel that surge of energy pulse through you!
Change your physiology and you”ll change the way you feel 

6 Acknowledge and accept the “problem”

The great thing about awareness is that it is empowering. Once you are aware of a challenge or a presenting “problem” you now have a choice and an ability to change things. Take time to see your “problem” from all angles, do a 360 degree view of things. See things from your perspective and then from others (if relevant) to find a solution.
Bring your mind back to now if you find yourself imagining potential “what-ifs” keep you mind in the “what is” mindset. This will allow you to remain calm and see your problem with more clarity. Be clear on your preferred outcome. Work your way back to now. You see where you want to be, you know where you are now so make a step by step plan to get you from now to where you want to be. Ask- what do I need to make the first step? What skills/tools do I have? What do I need to learn? Who else has those skills? Who do I know that has done this before? Ask others for assistance if you need to, remember no man is an island and all successful people have only done it with the help of others.

7 Take Responsibility

All that exists in your life, good or bad, is there because of your attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, choices, and actions. Nothing is your fault, but everything is your responsibility! Again all successful people take

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full responsibility for their strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures. Once feel responsible for your own inner and outer worlds you can gain total power and choice for your actions, habits and results.

Remember, problems don”t go away until we take responsibility for them, plus you cannot make excuses and progress at the same time!

8 Control your mind”s focus

Focus on your passion and purpose, not your fears and anxieties!
You have control over your own mind so remember to spend 80% of your mental resources thinking about finding the solution.
Focus all your energy, your thoughts, and your time on the positive outcome you want!
Secondly, make sure you ask yourself quality, empowering questions.
“How can I turn this situation around quickly and enjoy the doing it?”
Remember: if you are finding this difficult to do ask someone who has been in your position before or get a coach to help you to find the solution.

9 Don”t be afraid to ask for help

As humans we are fundamentally still pack animals we need to be connected.
Ask trusted colleagues/friends/family members/mentors/coaches to help find a solution.

Ask yourself:
Who can I talk to?
Who can I ask for help?
Who do I know has gone through a similar situation?
Have you got an extended database of contacts you could email, write to, or call?

Remember whether it”s a business challenge, a health challenge, a money challenge, a job or study challenge, depression, heartbreak, relationships, bereavement, there is always someone who”s been through similar challenges and overcome them. You are never alone when in a tough situation; please always keep that in mind.

10 Create 97 possible solutions (go wild with your imagination!)

Come up with 100 ways to completely eradicate this challenge, write them down, draw them, record them or video them.
Once you”ve taught your brain the pleasure of creative problem-solving/solution finding, you never go back! Your brain will always now be open to coming up with solutions.
Our minds are solution finding machines-remember though that it only works as well as the questions you give it.

11 Take smart action

Remember: People at the end of their lives are reported to say that they only regret the things that they did not do, not the things that they did (whether positive or negative)

Create an achievable action plan, put yourself into top physiology, and take that first step.
Create a traffic light check list Red Amber Green – Do all the important Red”s first and when they”re done then start on the Amber”s if you do them then start in the Green”s. Create momentum and the rest will sort itself out.

Remember: You don”t have to get it perfect, just get it going!

Again if you need help making an action plan to be able to be motivated – Ask for help from someone who has done what you want to be doing or that know how to get you to find the answer.

Like Nike says: JUST DO IT!