It’s a well known fact that when your emotion goes up, your intelligence goes down!

When you are in a highly intense emotional state, your decision making skills and personal choices suffer greatly, unfortunately when you feel emotional you can’t think properly!
This is when you make less than helpful decisions about things, for example, when you buy something you don’t really need or want and then have buyer’s remorse or when you agree to go out with the person from work who’s been asking you for ages, when you really don’t want to!
When you’re scared and anxious, it is easy to let emotions get in the way of logic.
The challenge with emotions is that they can fool you into thinking you are in more danger than you really are and that what you are imagining is real, when it’s not.
To stop your fear, anxiety, worry and stress convincing you that you are in danger when you are not, become mindful and ask – ‘What is really happening?’ ‘What is true and real for me, right now?’ ‘What is the worse thing that could happen?’ ‘What is the likelihood of this actually happening to me?’ ‘What would probably be the outcome/happen?’’ How bad would that be for me, really?’ ‘How can I make this easier for me, right now?’ ‘What’s the first step I can take?’
Decide what the next step is to make yourself more emotionally in control and better for you and then take that step.
I would highly recommend avoiding making any important decisions when you’re in a highly emotional state, defer, delay or avoid until you are feeling emotionally and mentally in control.
Breathe though any negative emotion, calm down and then make decisions!
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