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Financial Fight Back Tip No.1   Sit down and re evaluate your monthly finances. Get all your bank statements, standing orders, bank transfers, Direct Debits, monthly receipts out and onto the table or wherever you have a flat surface to work from and input all the info into a simple […]

Conquer Your Financial Fears NOW!

  Do you have difficulty getting motivated? Do you put things off? Is your motto ‘Why do it today, if I can leave it until tomorrow’? Is putting things off in your life impacting on your self worth and well being? Do you feel exhausted and downhearted by your lack […]

How To Get Motivated and Get Things Done!

Hi, here are some simple tips to feel better now… 1) Get out and about! Everyday, leave your residence and go outside… Walking is a proven & phenomenal Stress Buster. Some things you could do are: swap your after work wine/pub excursion, for a walk in the local park. Swap […]

Simple Ways To Feel Better Now!

Here are some simple ideas to help you grow your self-belief, optimism & positivity. Although these really are easy to follow & simple ideas, you do actually have to DO them, to reap the benefits!! Take action Now.. Are you saying thinking or saying to yourself  “inner optimist-what’s that, I am what I […]

Inner Optimist :)

I have been conducting very successful 1-2-1 hypnosis and NLP sessions for many years. Last year I ventured more into the digital side of life and by chance a client of mine wanted a session but could not get to my practice.  I had a Eureka moment and they become […]

Bust Your Stress Via Skype!