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Have you ever wondered how those few, select individuals in the world tend to be so much more successful at what they do than the many? By success, we mean a tool to measure what one has accomplished and mastered, whether it be mowing a lawn, riding a motorcycle, or being the CEO of a major corporation.

NLP and Hypnotherapy Training 101

NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, is a collection of psychological techniques that use natural hypnotic "states" to create positive changes and bring out hidden capabilities and skills. The use of NLP hypnosis techniques is quickly gaining support among both mental health professionals and within the personal development community.

The Transformative Power of NLP Hypnosis Techniques

An interesting thing happened to me whilst attending the National Achievers Congress last weekend at Excel, London. The final speaker before Sir Richard Branson came on and he looked amazing, fit, vibrant, full of gung-ho and positivity. The guy was incredible and then he said he was 58…..blimey, he looked […]

Mother Knows Best!