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Original article published: August 25th, 2011 by Angie Doig-Thorne Clinical Hypnotherapist D.Hyp LHS CHBPP EFT2″> Hypnotherapy is different to Hypnosis especially stage hypnosis. To put your mind at ease, you are not unconscious and you will not be made to do anything against your will (flap your arms and […]

Is Hypnotherapy right for me?

I’ve been to many a self development, personal growth seminar and training events ( I enjoy them and I always learn something from them) and the one thing (well there are actually many things but that’s for another day!) that they have in common and that is that when you […]

Obstacles in your way!

Orginal article published by /the-wonders-of-hypnotherapy-for-weight-control It was recently reported that former Steps pop star Claire Richards is having hypnotherapy for weight control, in fact, she will soon be appearing in a Sky Living documentary, “Slave to Food,” aided and abetted by Banbury-based hypnotherapist Chris Hughes. “I have no idea […]

The Wonders of Hypnotherapy for Weight Control