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Watch this to really have the best festive season ever! Christmas is the time of good cheer (or should be) – watch this video to make sure that you really make the best of yours this year.. I look forward to hearing about all your festive stories and times of […]

5 easy steps to your best Christmas ever!

To make your goals actually work for you & to keep you motivated and in momentum, it’s best to adopt the stepping stone approach. When your crossing a river you don’t just jump-in and hope for the best to get from the bank you’re on now to where you want […]

Goal setting for real results!

Five surefire ways to become wealthier! Surefire Tip Number One: Decide To Be Wealthier Make a decision today to be wealthier. Write down what this looks like, what it feels like to be you and wealthier, what you have and are doing and what people are in your life, enjoying […]

Want to be wealthier? Read this…

This simple easy to do exercise can really help clear a busy mind and keep it clear! How do I know? Because I”ve done it and it”s worked for me…. Free flow or Unconscious writing is something I was introduced to about 7 years ago and although I did it […]

Want a clearer calmer mind, here's how