5 Top Tips to Burst your Stress Bubble!

Here are 5 Top Tips to help you get rid of stress and keep it constantly at bay

1.Acknowledge stress is a natural energy

Make stress your new bestie! Stress is a bit like electricity, it is an energy that can be directed and used in a negative or positive way. When stress is harnessed in a positive way, its gives you that extra edge, that internal power surge to give a 100% or to find that extra bit, when needed. When it’s directed negatively, it can trip you up and dis-empower you, BUT the choice is really yours.The choice of how you harness and use your stress is literally in your hands, so learn to use it wisely.

If/when you become aware that you are experiencing negative stress, a wacky but really helpful thing to do is get up, jump up and down, run on the spot, wave your arms and legs about or just do a crazy dance! It has been proven that physical movement is the fastest way to change your immediate stress state.

In the immortal words of Nike – Just Do It!

No matter how much you don’t feel like it or think it’s silly, get up and move differently, change state and just see how quickly your negative stress evaporates, leaving you with positive energy that you can now use to your benefit. .

Sounds simple and slightly bonkers, but I can assure you that it works!

2. Avoid Stress Head – Doom and Gloomers!

Highly stressed people can be as infectious as a virus!

They can infect you with their stress, negative thinking and disasterising in what seems like record time! Have you ever been in the situation where you walk into a room feeling calm and collected and within a matter of minutes you are feeling anxious and stressed, due to the energy and attitudes of the people in the room!

Stress can be as easy to catch as a cold, so protect yourself!

Protect yourself by recognizing stress in others and then make the decision to either be able to disassociate yourself from their stress or protect yourself by minimizing your contact with them.

One easy technique is to imagine an invisible bubble all around you, this is an energy bubble that keeps your positive energy in and all negative energy out – imagine that you are inside this protective bubble when in contact with stressed people or in stressful situations and imagine the stress bouncing back off your bubble, leaving you unaffected!

You can feel like a bubbled-up, super hero!

3. Copy a Calm Header

You know the film Madagascar, the penguins ‘Smile and wave boys, smile and wave’ These guys are calm, collected, unphased and quick thinking in any situation, pressured or not and that’s what you want to create for yourself so that you feel feel calm, clear headed and in control, at all times.

They do say that when emotion goes up, intelligence goes down! And that’s very true as when under pressure the blood rushes back from the front part of our brains back to the survival parts of the brain which leaves us temporarily not being able to think clearly or sometimes it seems, at all!

So what techniques can you copy and learn from others to remain calm under pressure? Who do you know that is great in an emergency or under pressure, who deals with stress well? How do they do it? What do they do? Ask them to teach you.

Another suggestion is to learn some self development methods and techniques like EFT,TFT,FASTEREFT,Sedona Method,Huna,4/7 Breathing, Power of NOW,PSTEC,Self Hypnosis and NLP.All the fundamental basics for these proven techniques can be learnt for free and then developed further, if you would like to know even more.

Stress is about lack of choice or feeling like you have lost control of a situation. Control comes from choice, real or perceived.

Remember now: How you act or react to anything in life is a choice – you always have a choice, always!

Make the best choices for you by learning how to alleviate negative stress and be able to turn it into positive stress to remain calm and clear headed.

4. What’s your Stress Spot?

You’ve heard of the expression ‘Where’s the sweet spot? Or find the sweet spot’ well this is the opposite, ‘where’s your stress spot?’

Think about it, what is it that makes you stressed? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? what are you hearing? seeing? Feeling? What’s going on in your body? What are you thinking? Be very specific.

Awareness is the key to everything! Knowing what causes you to feel stressed is the key to being able to do something about it. Once you know, you can learn ways in which to make it less stressful, like visioning the situation going exactly as you want it to, before you actually start or by doing 4/7 breathing, NLP anchoring for example.

You could question your stressful feeling, how do you even know it is stress that you are experiencing and not excited anticipation?

Taking control of yourself and your outcomes will automatically reduce your stress levels.

5. Be your own Best friend!

Yeh, yeh, you’ve heard it all before, I know and I’m sorry

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but it’s true, you have to look after yourself first to be able to look after others, so get over it and get on with it!

Too many stimulants like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc, not enough sleep, poor diet and none or little exercise does not bode well for health and vitality. You simply can’t feel your best if your body and mind are under excess pressure trying to digest fatty foods or breaking down excess fat for example! When your body and mind are not being nurtured as they should be, excess energy is taken up to maintain it and this energy then depletes the energy needed to stay calm, meaning that you can become stressed a lot quicker as your body has redistributed the required energy to stay calm elsewhere.

I am not suggesting that you live like a vegan, non drinking sober monk but I am inviting you to become consciously aware about your daily habits and think about what you eat and drink.

Follow the 80/20 rule, be mindful of what you consume for 80% of the time and treat yourself for the remaining 20%.

Another thing is get out into nature as much as possible, even if that means a quick 10 minute walk around the park, each evening. The outdoors is naturally calming and if walking it helps to clear your mind and bring calm, when walking through trees or near a river, coastline or stream.

Take time in your day to be grateful for what you have too, perhaps write three things every night down on paper of what you are grateful for. Doing this regularly, I guarantee, will reduce stress.

Also another key factor is to remember that everything is temporary, everything! So if things seem stressful in that moment, stop and think, ‘everything is temporary’ ’this will pass’. Stating everything is temporary as a mantra will distract the mind and lower your stress.

So, take action – choose to do something about your action and reaction to life, take control and like the T-Shirts and Mugs say, Keep Calm and Carry on!

To your stress-less, success!

Loran Northey