A Leap of Faith-Childs Play or is it?

Last Thursday I went to visit my little nephew who was to become Five on the Saturday.

He was a very excited little chap who I had to negotiate hard with to be allowed to even have a cup of tea with his mum before playing basketball, play fights and then dinosaurs with him!

As we were were coming down the stairs, he suddenly said

‘Stay there, catch me, i’ll jump from here’ – I was at the bottom, he was nearly at the top!

Keeping calm I said

‘No thats far too high I wont be able to catch you from there, come down to this step’
(Pointing to one about two steps above me)

He looked at me for a second and said  ’Course you will-watch!’

And he lept – Arms folded, Toes folded from the top step – like he was bombing into a swimming pool!

Disbelief and lightening reactions followed meaning that thankfully –

I caught him……

He just looked up at me and said ‘Told you you could’ and promptly went off to get some more toys for us to play with.

Two things strike me about this incredible situation

1) His complete and utter trust in me to be able to catch him
(even though I doubted whether I would be able to)

2) His complete belief that if he wanted it to happen

and took appropriate action
(ie. leapt after checking I was there and watching, so i’d be able to catch him)

It would all be ok!

It made me think did I have complete trust like that still?

When was the last time I took a complete leap of faith like that?

When did you?

That experience has been great for me, I want to have that trust, that belief in myself and others and if I falter in the future at any time, then I can think back to then and reassess my choices.

I hope you can do the same

To our success!



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