Accept Anxiety to let it go!

Anxiety can be very unpleasant and life restricting. Although you want to reduce or remove the anxiety you feel, you don’t want to ignore it.

Anxiety is an emotion and therefore it’s moving energy within your body.
If you ignore or try to suppress that energy that feeling or emotion will build and build,

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until you do acknowledge it and this can present itself in panic attacks, stress related illness, etc. The longer you ignore it, the worse it gets!

I am not suggesting that you embrace your anxiety to the point where you invite it to be bigger and more powerful but if you can simply acknowledge and accept that you are feeling anxious, worried or fearful then you send the emotion the information that you have received their message loud and clear and therefore they can now dissipate – job done!
You could simply say when feeling a negative emotion ‘What am I feeling?’ ‘Anxious’ ‘Ok, Anxiety thanks for the message’…….. then shut up!


You can delve further and acknowledge that you are afraid/worried/anxious, and you analyze that feeling.

Ask yourself:
‘Is it a true and present danger?’’ Is it real and true, right now?’’What is the likelihood of that happening on a 1-10 right now?’’What would be the worst possible thing that could happen?’’What is the likelihood of that worse thing happening?’
Ask yourself questions about the reality and likelihood of that fear/anxiety/worry becoming true for you.
Most likely, you are using “what if” statements and panicking about something that has not yet & may never happen.
Anxiety is created by focussing on what might happen in the future and by acknowledging your emotion and asking relevant questions you bring yourself back into what is actually happening now.
It give you back control over your thoughts and therefore your real life situation.
You are the controller of your thoughts, not the other way around. Your thoughts do not control you, this simple technique will retrain your mind to stop giving you the negative emotions, unless they are relevant for your ‘real-time’ now, situation.
If analysing your emotion is a step too far for you right now, then start with acknowledging the emotion (anxiety/fear/worry) when it occurs. Say ‘I am anxious’ and then remain still and let it pass.

You can imagine breathing it out to help focus your mind and body during the release process.
Trust me, this works – if you just accept and let it pass, the whole experience lasts less than 3 minutes, probably less.
So experience, acknowledge, accept, release.
The more you practise accepting and releasing the quicker it becomes a habit that you will do automatically in the future, meaning that you no longer feel future based/what-if, anxiety, fear and worry.


To a calmer you,

Loran Northey


I look forward to hearing how you calmed yourself by actively acknowledging your emotion using the techniques suggested here.
Please let me know how you get on by commenting on this post, sending an email, or commenting on Twitter or Facebook.