Anxiety Detox – Word for the Week – No!

Following on the the Serenity prayer and word for the Weekend, which was TRUST.

This image natural progression – Just say NO!

Obsessions Tat

No – to living in the future with what-ifs

No – to living in the past with if-onlys


No – to living in the now with unacceptable relationships, behaviour, habits & thinking!

Make this your Mantra for this week – print off the image and have it near you to see it everyday, read it outloud and record it onto an MP3/Smart Phone and listen to it daily or both!

Anxiety comes from hopelessness, Both Sagittarius and are often wrapped up in their thoughts. a feeling of being stuck, not seeing a way out – well, this is the start!

Just say no….

Start small and change one small thing, perhaps no to an unneccessary errand instead of saying yes, then repeat the process…

Keep going, practise makes permanent – so keep going, keep small and then slowly increase as your confidence grows.

I know you can do it!

I look forward to hearing about how you have conquered your initial concerns and built your confidence 🙂

To your Success,

Loran x