Anxiety – What do you want?

Think about this: What does your fear, worry, anxiety want for you?

Weird question right, well in fact it’s not so weird as your emotions are just a part of you and each part of you wants something for you. All parts of you, have a reason to be.
Basically, if you are worried, stressed, anxious, and fearful it’s for a reason – anxiety is a fear response to a real or imagined scenario.
So as strange as it sounds, I encourage you to close your eyes and ask ‘Anxiety (fear, stress, worry – whatever neg. emotion you are experiencing) what do you want for me – what is your positive intention?’ then be quiet and wait for your answer, it may come internally in a vision, word, thought or sound or you may just become aware or just know, what the answer is.
So, go ahead and think about the purpose of your anxiety. Is it helpful? Is the anxiety actually fitting the

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need it should be meeting? An example of this is that your anxiety wants to keep you happy, but actually you being anxious makes you unhappy or your stress is to keep you safe but actually feeling stressed makes you feel unsafe!
Once you can identify the internal need of the emotion you can then either verbally state ‘Well, actually you want X but you are giving me Z – you are not doing your job properly so, I think it’s time for you to take a rest’ Sounds a bit bonkers but it works, as you’re giving your mind a direct instruction to do something differently.
Or you can simply say ‘ Thanks for sharing, now stop!’ every time that worry, fear, stress or anxiety presents itself to you, again, this is giving your mind an instruction to do something specific, to stop sending you the negative information which creates your worry, fear, stress and anxiety.
By practising either or both of these exercises, you will soon be able to become worry, stress, fear and anxiety free. It may seem unfamiliar when you start but it will soon become a natural habit and much, much easier!
I assure you, if you do these mind exercises regularly then your anxiety will go…forever!
Practise makes permanent, so Practise! Practise! Practise! and I look forward to hearing about how you are doing and how you are feeling so much calmer and more confident and capable in life.
For more information, help and assistance to effectively combat your anxiety please contact me on, FB lorannorthey TW lorannorthey, SK loran.northey or (UK) 7709 564426