Anxiety’s a b**tch!

Anxiety is a highly prevalent negative mental experience that can be experienced in a wide range from a chronic low dose of worry to sharp pangs of panic to enormous prods of physical anxiety. No matter whether you are on the small or large scale of symptoms, Anxiety is horrible!


When you’re struggling with anxiety, it can seem impossible to overcome. You may feel that you’ve tried everything with no success, you’re stuck with it forever, it’s just the way you are, and it’s not!
There are always other options, tools and techniques to learn and use. Fortunately, there are many mental and physical options for reducing anxiety and treating it at its base level, many you’ll find in other blogs, so just go to the blog section for more info on specific ways to combat anxiety.
Basically, underlying all anxiety is a fear of the unknown, the what-if syndrome. Identify the source of your anxiety, whether you have a panic attack or a sudden bout of worry and fear, or ongoing daily anxiety, it is important to identify what is causing your anxiety, worry and fear. Once you can locate the presenting problem then you can begin to find the solution to it.
Ask yourself:


  • What is it exactly that is making me stressed, anxious, afraid?
  • Is something in your environment the primary concern?
  • Is an impending activity, meeting, or event the cause?
  • Is it expectation or judgement from others or self?

You can handle anxiety, fear and worry much easier when you are clear about what it is. Once you locate its source the next step is to find a simple step to make it more ‘familiar’ to you.
For instance, if it’s a fear about an impending meeting, then think back to a time when you have attended a meeting before with success and see what similarities there are with that one and the one coming up, think of other people that attend meetings and relate how that person is the same as you.
If it’s an expectation from others, then think and list 3 ways you can manage that expectation, what can you do to pre frame your efforts? What can you effectively communicate so that they are clear on your end result?
If it is something in your environment, like debt for instance, then who can you arrange to go to talk with to get the help and assistance you need to lessen your debt? What small steps can you put in place to reduce your spending, right now?
Anxiety is a horrible experience for anyone but it can be managed and removed completely, if you choose to do something different to what you have always done before.


  • Identifying it’s source
  • Making it more familiar
  • Using mental and physical skills to combat it

Will mean that you can be anxiety free!
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