Bariatric and Gastric Band Surgery Risks – Dieters Beware: Don't Be Deceived

Gastric Lap Band surgery was once viewed as the solution to control overweight peoples” weight and manage their

diet. The procedure consisted of surgery to fit a Gastric Lap Band around the stomach. Many people, such as celebrities, em

braced the procedure, thinking it was the “magical band” that would help them lose weight faster.

Some years ago, doctors warned dieters about the use of Gastric Band surgery as a fast weight loss alternative, revealing that the procedure caused harm to patients over the years and in some cases caused deaths.

According to medical reports, over 80% of dieters, who have had a Gastric Band fitted, will encounter various health problems, including one or more serious complications, including diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, serious stomach-ache, problems swallowing, slipped band, gastric blockage, and regurgitation of foods, among other severe symptoms.

Moreover, many patients have to be hospitalized being seriously and constantly ill due to the severe complications which may come with Gastric Band surgery.

Many weight loss experts are advocating and informing patients about the use of Hypnosis Gastric Band. They say unlike Gastric Band surgery, the Virtual Gastric Lap Band system also called Hypno-Band has no known risk associated with it.

Hypnosis Gastric Band does not require any surgery; it is 100% safe, cost-effective and more successful. Hypnosis practitioners say patients using Hypno-Band will feel much happier, lead a healthier life, and have a better understanding of their relationship with food.

All you need is best place to buy viagra in canada to be cooperative and determined. If you are desperate to lose weight successfully and permanently without having to suffer the risks that any surgery involves, consult a certified Hypno-Band practitioner to have a virtual gastric lap band fitted and start the journey to becoming your ideal weight.

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