Bust Your Stress Via Skype!

I have been conducting very successful 1-2-1 hypnosis and NLP sessions for many years.

Last year I ventured more

into the digital side of life and by chance a client of mine wanted a session but could not get to my practice.

 I had a Eureka moment and they become my first ‘less stress via skype’ client!

The session went extremely well with the client feeling relieved and refreshed afterwards – even more so than when we had worked together previously face to face.

Hypnosis via Skype works because:

Client is in their own safe space. (Secluded and uninterrupted)

Client does not have any travel stress or costs.

Client has no time restraints.

Client has the session at their convenience in familiar surroundings.

Client can record your session free of charge via skype, if wanted.

Client can have session without video function, therefore not being looked at. (If thats stopping them)

Client has the belief that the session will work in this fashion or would book  a 1-2-1.

Client’s gain a mental massage without having to do anything really except perhaps put on some headphones!

The sessions are in my opinion are more client focussed, more cost & time effective and more convenient overall for the client.

Of course there are some clients who prefer the clinic environment and that’s a great place to experience hypnosis too and that’s why I successfully offer both!

 Call now 07709 564426  or email info@paramountcoaching.co.uk to book your skype session and have that mental massage with minimal fuss!

All the best! Loran 🙂500 mg amoxil