Can a Hypno Band really work?

In a word – yes!

Many of us if not all of us have tried dieting at some time in our lives with limited or no success; Loran Northey of Paramount Coaching has been using Hypno Band with outstanding results. In just 3 sessions (or a full one day workshop) your unconscious mind will fully believe that a gastric band has been fitted, shrinking the size of your stomach to that of a Golf Ball or Egg, so you will only be able to eat tiny amounts of food. The Hypno Band technique has been a miraculous discovery benefiting obese and overweight people not only in the UK, but worldwide. If you have a BMI of over 30 then this could be the easy weight loss option that you’ve been waiting for!
With no actual surgery required, this mindset technique brings hope to many obese and overweight people. The benefits are that not only will you have the virtual hypno band fitted but you will also fully address and cleanse your underlying belief and behaviour patterns regarding releasing your excess weight and ridding yourself of a lifetime habit of comfort and/or boredom eating!
How does it work? In just three sessions, your Integrated Therapy Trainer Loran Northey will take you step-by-step through the medical procedure of a gastric band operation as if you were actually inside an operating theatre, so very soon you will begin to feel a tightening sensation in your stomach. You may consciously remember every part of the ‘procedure’ – including being wheeled into theatre and even the smell of the anesthetic. You may however though chose to forget and just remember your smaller stomach size and the choice to only want to eat small food portions-either it totally fine!
You should expect to shed up to two to three pounds a week because you will believe you have had a band fitted into your stomach. This enables you to experience healthy, consistent weight reduction re-enforcing your new eating habits and associations to food.
The Surgical gastric band operation costs around £7,000 and has the same level of risk related to any major operation including infection, reaction to anesthetic and DVT.
As Loran Northey uses a proven combination of Hypnotherapy and Integrated Therapy, so you will be safely and effectively guided through a ‘virtual tour’ of the ‘operation’. Using in-depth guided imagery and visualisation to fit your virtual hypno band around your stomach, forming a small pouch the size of an Egg or a Golf Ball.
You may find that you notice your body shape changing and clothes feeling loser from your first session. After session 3 – the virtual operation session you begin to feel a tightening sensation in your stomach, this benefit is heightened by the fact that it is safer than a surgical operation because it eliminates the risks of general anesthetic, DVT and MRSA.
It is not uncommon for clients to have dropped a dress size already! Not only because of the simple food changes and the changes to your thinking around food but also because of the cleansing processes that have been carried out in session 1 and 2. After Session 3 you will see significant changes in your body shape and weight. The reason that clients enjoy such long lasting and permanent success is that this programme not only means that you can no longer eat large portions of food but because of the intensive mindset changes that you have made, you no longer want to eat large portions but only to now nourish your body and mind with smaller amounts, enjoying and savouring every morsel! This means that you can easily reduce your body weight, getting rid of any excess fat whilst fully enjoying your lifestyle. Getting rid of your excess fat does not have to be hard it can be easy, if you do it the hypno band way!


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