Can hypnotherapy help me to take off weight?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for helping people wanting to take off weight. Obesity is a huge problem in the western world. Often, people eat outside of meals times because of an emotional forcein short, they “comfort eat”, they eat t

oo much because this helps them to relax, or they eat for some kind of reward.

Some people take in excess food in an uncontrolled fashion; they feel that they are outside themselves or that they are not in control of their bodies. This is a dissociative mechanism and is often referred to as “binge eating”. Binge eating is sometimes associated with a binge-purge cycle. Some clients, after the binge episode, feel ashamed that they have eaten huge quantities of food and they then try to remove the food from their bodies. This can be done by self-inducing vomiting, or by the use of diuretics or laxatives. However, clients suffering from bulimia are not necessarily thin, viagra online switzerland and some still wish to take off weight.

Many people suffering from binge eating disorder (without purging) or obesity want to take off weight and they find that hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool.

How can Hypnotherapy help me take off weight?

At the beginning of the consultation, both the therapist and the client should talk about and make changes to the daily food intake.

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to make huge changesit might make a big change in the near future but its effect will not be long lasting. What is important is that fatty foods should be eliminated from the diet and that clients should keep to a certain number of calories per day. In most cases, the therapist and the client will make realistic goals that the client can meet. (S)he also might suggest a modest increase in cardiovascular activity to help with the process of weight loss.

Again, in most cases during the hypnotherapy, you will be told about all the benefits to your health and how much better you will feel having taken off the necessary weight. Your therapist may also talk about how important it is to slow eating down and to enjoy the food you are eating. Paradoxical sentence constructions and embedded commands are also often used to help you to control your diet; this should be combined with powerful “anchoring” techniques.

Original article 20 published on January 30th, by DR DAVID KRAFT.
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