Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade you've no doubt heard America has a serious obesity and type II diabetes problem. The rise in type II diabetes is linked to the rise in obesity. In an effort to cope and overcome these conditions people are turning more towards weight loss surgery but it has risks. There are other alternatives capable of achieving the same result without the risk.

Virtual Gastric Band As a New Weapon Against Obesity and ...

A Lap Band is a rigid, belt like device which is tightly fastened around the stomach to dramatically decrease its size. After the procedure, only very small amounts of food can be digested by the stomach before the patient feels uncomfortably "full" and cannot eat anymore. Inspired by the way that traditional gastric band surgery works, the virtual gastric band greatly restricts the amount of food that can be digested by the body, but without using any invasive and expensive medical procedures.

For Effective Weight Loss: Hypnosis Band or Lap Band Surgery?