This simple easy to do exercise can really help clear a busy mind and keep it clear! How do I know? Because I”ve done it and it”s worked for me…. Free flow or Unconscious writing is something I was introduced to about 7 years ago and although I did it […]

Want a clearer calmer mind, here's how

Wealth – What is it? How would you define the word, Wealth? The answer you give is exactly what these words will mean to you. When the word wealth is used from here on, it will mean wealth according to your interpretation. You may imagine wealth as an unlimited supply […]

What is WEALTH to you?

When we are around children of a certain age – WHY is the question that we dread to be asked! WHY? But why? WHY? Aaaaaargh……. However, it”s absolutely the guiding question for everything we do and instead of dreading it we should be continually embracing and asking it to ourselves […]