Creativity and Motivation Through Powerful NLP Hypnosis Anchors

In this article I will share some powerful secrets you can use to help your creativity, confidence and to be at your best! Writers, Musicians and Artists often viagra jell yuk come to me to help them get over creative “blocks” and Business people often find t

hey want help with their motivation. With NLP and Hypnosis we can help you to Anchor (using all of your senses we help you create a short-cut way to reach this state of mind again, instantly!) These hypnotic Anchors can help you remain calm, even in the face of a storm and they can help to jump-start your creativity and motivation to reach your goals.

Another important element in helping making changes is to reframe (not all browsers allow the way that I spell this technique, so imagine a lower case r, e followed by a hyphen and Upper Case letters for the word “frame”) So we take your present situation or something from your past or present circumstances and we frame it in a better light. Consider that we mind-read and hallucinate or filter most of our experiences through our belief systems and our emotions can often flavor the real communication. Someone may say something nice to you, yet because of something in your past, you may mistake the meaning or judge the sincerity of the message. We are human and we have these filters in our minds and so none of our communication will ever be 100% accurate and it does not need to be. However, this is a good reason to find the positive in everything and focus on solutions, rather than asking why? or feeling slighted or betrayed or resentful. Train your mind to always seem solutions and resolve issues.

Ex: You get a gift of an aftershave or cologne (scent, it could be scented candle, massage oil, etc.) and you like it yet the scent does not last very long and so you rarely wear it when going out and socializing. The average person might feel disappointed, guilty, frustrated and feel awkward around the gift-giver. So we reframe this situation and create a powerful anchor for creativity and connection. The person who gave you this gift really loves the smell of it and so do you so you decide that you will wear this when you are at home alone or when you are alone together and not going out on the town. It is now part of the connection between you. Also, it has a comforting scent that helps you to relax and be creative. So we take this creative state of mind and combine it with some of your favorite music and this scent. We may have you put your thumb and forefinger together as a “trigger” and now you focus on your breathing and imagine absorbing this very creative energy into yourself and tapping into the creative flow of the Universe so you know there is an unlimited supply for you whenever you need it. (scarcity, control, security, guilt, deservedness are huge issues for most of us

and resolving these issues can help you to achieve amazing results and reach your goals more naturally and easily) Now you charge this up with your breathing and emotions from the music and the scent and you imagine yourself reaching your goals and feeling amazing and satisfied as you look back on that moment. Time in hypnosis is very flexible and your unconscious mind understands this even more than your conscious mind does, because it does not put false, yet seemingly logical limitting beliefs on what is possible for you.

So take a state of mind that you would like more of and find your own ways to create a powerful Anchor for yourself following this blue-print above. Using sights, sounds, scents, sensations, and then combining these with a simple gesture or word. Everyone from the Military to Marketers uses some form of anchors and triggers, yet with NLP Hypnosis you get the most powerful way to use this powerful technique for yourself.

Michael Twomey is a Lifestyle Advisor and Professional Hypnotist in NYC. He helps many people to change their habits, beliefs and improve their lives. You can learn ways to take back control of your life and make success a greater habit.

Author: Michael Twomey
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