Daydream your Anxiety away!

When you are feeling anxious, fearful and stressed, your body and mind

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can feel like they are ganging up on you to produce unwanted negative physical and mental challenges.

Becoming mindful and inwardly reflective can help immensely to lower and remove stress, anxiety and fear.

clouds and calm

Internal visualisation or guided imagery is a simple process that has immediate and long lasting positive effects.

To reap the benefits of this natural relaxation technique just think of somewhere where you feel safe and relaxed; this could be your home, your garden, your parents home, a favourite Spa or Beauty Salon, or simply being held by a loved one.

As you think of this place continue adding details to the scene in your mind, so that you are focusing your entire inner mind on imagining it.

Closing your eyes will make this process easier for most, but if you feel easier with your eyes open then that’s fine too.

Keep thinking about the thing that makes you happy 🙂

When you feel like you are more in control,so that you can think more calmly about your anxiety, you can stop the guided imagery.

You can also practise this imagery daily for no reason whatsoever, only to feel calm and collected!


To a calmer you,


Loran Northey


I look forward to hearing how you calmed & relaxed by using the technique suggested here.
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