Exercise Anxiety Away!

When you feel anxious, fearful and worried, your mind and body contain your energy and quite often you feel weakened and uninterested in exercising in any way, you can feel more likely to hide under the duvet or loll on the sofa all day than think about keep fit.

walking for health
The problem with that is that the more you become inactive the more time your mind has to focus on what’s been worrying & concerning you, escalating your anxiety and fear.
This is an ongoing negative pattern that the faster you break the quicker you will feel happier.
If you do not do any exercise currently then start slowly, little by little.
Walk the dog, have a kick about with the kids, walk up and down the stairs a few times, walk into town instead of taking the bus.
Do a little exercise, often.
Getting your body moving and active releases natural endorphins or feel-good chemicals which are responsible for increasing your feelings of calm and happiness.
Go for a walk, slow jogging or try some yoga, pilates or tai chi, gentle exercise will help you to relax better than playing an aggressive sport or doing heavy cardio.
When you have been active regularly for a while and you are feeling mentally and physically fitter then you can move onto more active exercises like badmington, tennis, running or exercise classes.
Being active daily will positively influence your thinking and your wellbeing – start now by grabbing your jacket and going for a walk in the park!


To a calmer you,

Loran Northey


I look forward to hearing how you calmed yourself and now have a better wellbeing due to moving more and exercising your anxiety away!
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