Get it out!

If you are in the middle of an anxiety attack and just don’t seem to be able to drag yourself out of it, call someone for help, The Samaritans, a friend, neighbour or family member for help or even just to have a listening ear.

listening ear

Talking to someone else, whether they can help or not, allows us to release the pent up emotion that we are feeling.
Just talking through worries, anxiety and fears can have a positive affect in removing them.

Just get it out – it doesnt matter if the other person says a word or not.

Call someone who will be a positive influence on how you are feeling, call someone who will listen and distract you from your emotions so that you can overcome your feelings of stress, worry and anxiety.

If you are prone to anxiety attacks, talk to your doctor, perhaps you are eligible for CBT therapy or Counselling to help you talk through your challenges. Some GP’s even offer free Gym membership to some patients of theirs.

Natural remedies and oils are also a good way to alleviate anxiety, as well as gaining a Coach or Therapist who can professionally guide you from Anxious & Fearful to Calm and Confident!

The important thing when you are feeling anxious, fearful or stressed – ASK – for help, stay connected to people and remember for every problem or challenge there is a solution!


To a calmer you,

Loran Northey


I look forward to hearing how you calmed yourself by writing or speaking your fear/worry and anxiety out!
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