Goal setting for real results!

To make your goals actually work for you & to keep you motivated and in momentum, it’s best to adopt the stepping stone approach.
When your crossing a river you don’t just jump-in and hope for the best to get from the bank you’re on now to where you want to go, no, you strategically place foot markers/stepping stones in front of you to get you through your journey safely and on track.
It’s exactly the same with goals!

Imagine this a flowing river – you’re on one side and you can see a really great time on the other side, you’re aware of the sound of the rivers flowing water and current, your can smell the sweet smell of success coming from the other bank and you can aware of the width and depth of that flowing river.

Still, you want to cross it but you know the other bank is a leap too far, you havent practised, you havent got the right skills yet, you’ll never make it!

You look around you partly frustrated, partly looking for another way forward and you notice three rocks nearby, they look sturdy, with a good foundation and level/balanced. You have a light-bulb moment – I know I’ll place these in the water and use them to walk across the river.

You then notice that the rocks are different shapes and sizes. Hmmm you think, which goes first, I know the biggest one, with the greatest foundation, then if I wobble a big it will support me and steady me- allowing me to find my balance.

Next will be the next in size, this is even balanced and level and looks like a good platform where I could rest and evaluate my journey so far safely and effectively before moving on.

The next on well, it’s a different shape altogether and looks more like a springboard.
I’ll use this one last to propel me over to the other bank and into success!

A successful journey made by using the right steps – hurrah!

Imagine those 3 stepping stones as your steps to your success – imagine them as minimum, momentum and propelling steps.
Maybe you can imagine those words across the top of them as you stand on them?

Minimum stepping stone –
What is the minimum level you need to establish a strong foundation? What are the minimum skills you require, collaborators involved, finances required, what is the minimal amount that you need to learn and action to be at this point? This might be creating £50,000 in business revenue, having more time daily with your family or following a fitness regime.

Momentum stepping stone-
Once you’ve established yourself on that a level sturdy foundation, what is a momentum goal that will stretch you? This might be to generate £150,000 in business revenue, booking 4 x family holidays a year that you can afford or signing up for a physical challenge that will stretch you like London to Brighton bike ride, a point at which you’ll have a level footing to access what you’ve learnt so far, action that, identify what and who you need to bring in now to take the next step and evaluate now ‘what is it i want to learn now’ is it how easy it was, is it ‘that i had the right opportunities at the right time because i planned, built a clear path with a solid foundation, with the right steps and distance to make my way forward’. This is the stage were you can acknowledge the steps that have got you this far and can engineer the action required to get you to the next one!

Propelling stepping stone –
This is the level that perhaps looked that little bit unrealistic from where were starting from way back on that original bank, but that is possible as a long-term goal, when the appropriate steps have been taken. This is where the foundations, the systems and the resources are all in place and quite literally propel you forward into your desired success! Perhaps that’s for you – financial freedom allowing you to be financially and time rich, maybe it’s buying that beach and/or mountain home purchase viagra from us for your families enjoyment, maybe it’s being able to share your success with others that improves and enhances their lifestyles.
Success is what YOU want it to be………

So go ahead and think about your goals in life, imagine your river and it’s two banks, Watson them? Place your stepping stones across to make your path and identify what action/people/learning/collaborating is required to move from on to another.imagine making your way across, a firm foundation on the first one, a level platform to assess and plan on the second and identify what makes the third your springboard to success!

Very importantly when you have done that – imagine yourself on that other bank, what are you experiencing to celebrate your success? Who are you with, what are you doing, what can you see, how are you feeling? What’s the absolute best thing about it? Really, imagine that now…

Go ahead and have some fun, perhaps you will draw your river in a pictorial mind-map style , maybe it will be more like an ordinance survey map with steps taken as markers or perhaps you will write down your journey like a verbal plan, however you do it, it will be just right for you, it will become your personal blueprint for success!

Remember: I’m always here to help you across if you need me at anytime, perhaps to steady you or help build your firm foundation at the beginning or maybe it’s when you’re reflecting on your steady platform, unsure of the next action required or maybe it’s when your about to propel forward and your not sure how to celebrate!!!!

If you need me I’m here with a helping hand or a needed but not always expected, shove!

To your success!

Loran Northey

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