How are you going to get there – if you dont know where there is!


The beginning of a new year brings with it, new hopes, new ambitions and new dreams

January can be a very inspirational and actionable month, full of new positive habits and intentions – which is great!

February can be similiar or maybe a little less active and positive, March can be a whole different story, as setback & minor changes can all have come into play and you may well have regressed back into the old habits or actions that you were doing pre Jan. Not everyone, but a lot of people sadly end up doing this.


Because in my opinion, it’s hard to keep momentum when you haven’t any clear goal or direction to aim for, to keep you on track, also it’s easy to make excuses to yourself or talk yourself out of actions, as you’re not letting anyone else down.

The shame of it is that you are letting yourself down and with that comes a lowering of self esteem and perhaps a feeling of not being good enough or even a ‘it never works for me-I’ve tried everything’ attitude.

All of this however is easily avoided just by doing the following

(Not just at new years, but whenever you feel you want to change the outcome of your life).

Remember: A Goal is just a dream written down AND all successful people do it….

1) Make clear and concise goals-defined and dated.

(Short, mid and long term-categorise them-wealth, health, family, etc)

2) Visualise them, what will you see, do, have, when you have achieved them?

3) Write them down, draw pictures, cut out pictures,

words etc that remind you of them. Record or create a sound that links the goal to you.

4) Keep the goals where you can see them everyday, on the wall above your computer, in your wallet or purse, in the first page of your diary.

5) Do something everyday that brings you nearer to those goals-That’s Everyday….

6) Be held accountable – ideally get a coach who can help you attain those goals and achieve what you want in life.

I am writing this from experience, I know that this works because I have done it, in fact, Vicki, Lorna and

I have all done it and carry on making new goals being held accountable, being coached and taking action – if we can do it, you can do it!

We are always here to assist at so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our coaching programmes or just to have some advice about how to take that first step!

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To our Success!


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