Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Many people have found that weight loss through hypnosis or self-hypnosis can be a great way to lose weight and keep it off!

Hypnosis works by giving suggestions to the unconscious mind that not only eliminate

the bad habit that caused you to gain weight, but also implement new habits to help you lose the weight




Snacking throughout the day can be a good thing when done properly, but if you”re reaching for the wrong foods or snacking too often, this can cause you to gain weight. Hypnotic suggestions for snacking are customized based on your need. The hypnotist will try to identify what causes you to reach for a snack (watching television, boredom, for example) and try to eliminate those habits. In addition he or she may also use hypnosis to help you chose healthier foods to snack on.



Overeating can often inhibit weight loss. Hypnotic suggestions to eliminate overeating can include “You will only eat when hungry”, “You will stop eating when you are full,” and “You have permission to leave food on your

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plate”. The hypnotist will also try to find the reasons behind your overeating and remove the factors that cause you to overeat. Often people don”t realize why they are overeating and simply identifying the problem with the help of the hypnotist can be a solution.




Cravings for the wrong types of foods can ruin any diet. The hypnotist will help you to identify which foods are your weaknesses and prevent you from having cravings for this type of food. For example some hypnotic suggestions can include “Salty food will not taste good,” “You will only eat sweets for special occasions,” “You will only have one dessert a week,” and “You will limit yourself to one serving of French fries a month.”


Healthy Eating


In addition to removing cravings for unhealthy foods, your hypnotists can also help you to feel the desire to make healthier choices. This can either mean using hypnotic viagra sales suggestion to help you to stick to a particular eating plan, or suggestions that encourage you to eat the right amount of healthier foods. These suggestions will be customized based

on what your dietary needs are and what plan you and your hypnotist decide to follow.




Exercise is an important part of losing weight. If you are healthy enough to exercise, your hypnotist may include some suggestions to help you get more active. Some examples include “You will enjoy going to the gym,” “You will walk places whenever possible,” and “You will make a strong effort to be more active.” You and your hypnotist can discuss which suggestions you think will work best for you based on what you are capable of doing.




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