I like to Move it, Move it!

When you are feeling fearful, fretful, anxious and worried, it is a natural response to shut down or make ourselves small, wanting to become unnoticed.

This can lead to us hiding away, isolating ourselves, becoming lethargic and dis-interested in anything.

Obviously this then doesnt help our mindset or thinking, as we then have alot of time on our own to think and perhaps imagine the worst happening, which increases our Anxiety!

The answer?

Do something………..

walking for health

Sitting and mulling over your anxiety will worsen your state of mind & negatively affect your physicality, making you feel weaker. This will make it harder for you to overcome your overall panic & anxiety.

So DO something……anything!

Even if you have to physically drag yourself out of bed, decide to do it then do it.

Distract your mind and body by performing a simple task – perhaps cleaning, ironing, cutting the lawn, vaccuuming, painting, drawing, dancing to music, decluttering, anything that will keep your mind and body busy.

Preferably, do something that you enjoy, something that you can focus on and that has a positive end result, like cleaning.

The fastest way to change your mood is by changing your physiology, so just by hetting up and walking around the room you willl feel differently, if you walk quickly up and down the stairs you will feel differently, if you play with the dog in the garden the same and if you jump up and start running on the spot, again, you will feel differently.

The challenge when you are feeling anxious or fearful is that you don”t think you feel like doing anything because you feel anxious, start small and just heave yourself out of bed and have a shower, next get out of bed and put a song on and dance for 3 mins, next take a walk around the garden or short stroll along the street.

You can build your activity up slowly but do something, get up in each TV advert break and walk up and down the hallway, iron for 10 minutes whilst listening to upbeat music or take the dog over the woods to clear you head and change your thinking and mood.

Whatever you do, remember you have control in how you think and act, not your mind.

It”s your mind and therefore your thoughts, start retraining your brain now to think more positively by you”re acting differently.


To a calmer you,

Loran Northey


I look forward to hearing how you”ve change the way that you think by distracting your mind and diverting your attention into doing things that you enjoy.
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