Inner Optimist :)

Here are some simple ideas to help you grow your self-belief, optimism & positivity. Although these really are easy to follow & simple ideas, you do actually have to DO them, to reap the benefits!!

Take action Now..

Are you saying thinking or saying to yourself  “inner optimist-what’s that, I am what I am?” or “Well, I am a cup half full empty of person-its always been that way” if you are, let me tell you this – that’s not how it has to be from NOW. Research shows that only around 50% of our attitude towards life-is due to genes, the rest can be developed, Just as we can learn speaking, driving & reading skills, we can learn success skills-that”s the key characteristics that successful, positive people share the world over.

How positive are you? Try this quick quiz………. just read the question and ask yourself TRUE or FALSE..

1. When I make a decision-I am pretty sure it will happen

2. When I think of challenges ahead of me, I feel excited anticipation, not bored or tired.

3. I get excited & motivated when I think of my future.

4. I am always opening myself up to new opportunities, experiences & people.

5. I feel I”ve got enough time to concentrate on the important things.

If you”ve answered the above questions honestly and got 3 x true answers then congratulations-you”re probably right on track to achieving your goals.

If, this quiz threw up some challenges for you then great-congratulations!

Awareness is the first step to change, follow the positivity plan below for fast results.

1) Avoid the Victor Meldrew Syndrome (Gary Gloom)

Poor Victor, always focussing on the negative things & events in his life-well you don’t have to!

Next time you find yourself imagining the worst possible scenario or outcome, just be aware & take note of what you are doing. As I stated before awareness is the first step to change. Secondly, when you realise you are “catastrophising” or going down a negative track, just stop it, tell yourself-No, I will not go down there-refuse! Thirdly, imagine the very best scenario or outcome that there could possibly be, see it, hear it, feel it-really imagine it, really see it happening – Do this and now see how differently you feel.

2) Get out & about

Research has shown that more people are currently spending more time alone than socialising & mixing with others. US research has shown that people with the highest happiness levels and lowest depression are people who interact with others regularly, those who make a conscious effort to mix with friends, family & others (even regular contact with shopkeepers, the library, neighbours, social clubs & associations). Social interaction is paramount to our well being so get out there and start talking! If you are unable to literally get out and about there are other options to communicate with others Most practice driving test instructors, or the best of them, want to see their students succeed in road safety as well as their tests. regularly, the telephone, the internet, writing letters, postcards. What have you got to lose, apart from unhappiness?

3) Beauty or Beast?

Your personal perspective will guide your thoughts & feelings, which will guide your habits & actions. What you focus on will be attracted to you – what are you focussing on around you?

Ask yourself honestly – do you see the beauty in things or the beast….when you are in a traffic jam on a country road, do you only notice the car in front & the car in front of them or do you notice the lovely smell of the grass being cut and the sound of the birds far off? When we start to notice the beautiful things in life, life becomes beautiful!  You can start small, for every negative thing you notice-be aware and then consciously look for 2 positive things, soon the habit will become unconscious and you will only be aware of the positive-try it!

4) Pay it Forward

There is a saying “if you give others what they want, you will get what you want”.

Basically it’s the pay if forward thinking. For example studies show that in plane crash scenarios those survivors that put their own face masks on first to enable them to help others were more positive and less traumatised by the event itself & life afterwards. So look after yourself to look after others. Kindness makes us feel in control, so when you get up in the morning think to yourself “who am i going to be today and how am i going to

act?” If are you going to choose to be a positive, kind & optimistic person – take a moment to imagine how you”d act, think & respond throughout the day, this simple technique enables you to feel in control and also thinking about how an optimist would react in certain events, will mean you”ll be less likely to snap someone’s head off & keep see it for how it really is & not how it could be.

5) Goooooaaaaaaaaalllllllll…. (Goal!)

Set achievable daily goals, they can be as big or as small as you want them to be and they can get bigger and wilder with time and practise!. Setting a habit of goal achievement is the single most common factor in all successful & happy people worldwide. They set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timed goals – they set them, they take action and they achieve them.

i.e. My goal today is to do the food shopping by noon, using my saver vouchers & only purchasing exactly what I have written on my shopping list. 

Set yourself daily goals for the next week-keep a diary and at the end of the week, notice how you feel after achieving these goals.

Enjoy these simple changes and let me know what you”ve learnt…..250mg flagyl