Hypnotherapy is different to Hypnosis especially stage hypnosis. To put your mind at ease, you are not unconscious and you will not be made to do anything
against your will (flap your arms and cluck like a chicken).

There are many myths and misconceptions about Hypnotherapy, most of which come from having no actual knowledge about Hypnotherapy and from seeing stage hypnotists on TV etc which online drugstore without prescription is only for the benefit of the audience.

So what is Hypnotherapy?

It is where a client is in a relaxed state and the Hypnotherapist may use a wide range of techniques from storytelling, use of metaphors and the use of direct suggestions to address the client’s subconscious mind for beneficial changes within the client. Regardless of the techniques used by the Hypnotherapist, the most important thing is that the client should feel comfortable and at ease with their therapist.

Who can be hypnotised?

The answer is, virtually anyone can be hypnotised. Hypnotherapy is used to access a person’s inner resources

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to create positive and beneficial changes for that person. There are many learned things stored in our subconscious minds including habits (good and bad). Hypnotherapy is a positive and successful

way to effect change and due to the phenomenal capacity for own body to heal, this can be enhanced through the use of Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can help with the following – stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, unwanted habits and addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating, alcoholism), disrupted sleep patterns, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, fear of examinations and public speaking, allergies and skin

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disorders, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome(IBS).

Additionally, it has proved of value within surgery, where normal anaesthetics have not been practical, in the wider sphere of pain management and in the areas of both sporting and artistic performance enhancement
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