It’s not just about the head space!

Calm surrounding = a calm mind!

Change your physical space and external surroundings to have a positive effect on your internal feelings and thinking.

Sometimes anxiety is exacerbated by living or working in uncomfortable spaces and places. The places where you spend most of your time can have a huge impact on your mood. The size, colour and clutter within your enviroment can have a massive impact on your mood and thinking. Try making the following changes to reduce your daily irritaion and anxiety.



  • Redecorate a room or two, even if that means just re-covering a cushion or two, or changing the flower colours or perhaps modernising one wall or workspace area. Freshen things up to give yourself a new perspective, look up colours that enliven, relax and motivate. Paint your bedroom a calming colour, your living room a comfortable colour, your office a colour of creativity and productivity, maybe invest in a feng shui layout or rearrange the furniture to create more space. It’s often experience that when you declutter your external surroundings then your mind feels free er and lighter too!


  • Out wth the old! Get rid of what you no longer use, identify what you haven’t used or accessed for 12 months and remove it from your enviroment. Put all your clothes hangars backside front and when you wear something put them back into the wardrobe, frontside back, after 12 months anything still hanging backside front – recycle or sell. Go through your books, magazine and articles/papers, anything in 12 months you haven’t read, you’re not going to – recycle or resell. anything broken, slightly broken or irritating in some way – either repair and use or recycle, rubbish or sell. Basically, remove anything that you no longer use from your surroundings, it’s distracting and unhelpful – a confused mind is a closed mind!


  • Get rid!


  • Stay in the now, enjoy the moment and look for ways to enjoy life more. Perhaps spend time mentally or physically in new places, expand your life experiences and therefore your comfort zone. Maybe go away for the weekend, take a walk in a park or woods on the other side of town, change your routine every once in awhile, take a different route to work or perhaps just use a different coffee shop instead of your usual. Stimulating your brain with new people, experiences, sights, sounds and smells can be a big mood booster. When you change something you grow your comfort zone, which is always a good thing!


Remember: DeClutter your enviroment and you declutter and clear your mind too – start now so that calm and confidence awaits!


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