Let the Experts show you how in 2011


If you have struggled with getting your Internet Marketing Business off the ground or you may be a Small Business wanting to up your game where the Internet concerned, then a good friend of mine, Andy Phillips has helped Individuals and Businesses to “solve this problem”.

 Andy has been touring the country with the “Lead Generation Success” Workshop and has now teamed up with fellow marketer Dave Lyons to provide a very special “8 week On-Line Coaching Program” starting on Tuesday 22nd February 2011 at 8pm, which will show you:

 • How to build a proven “Lead Generation” system which runs on auto pilot.

 • How to “Deliver “your products and services to a “Targeted” online audience (hey you want them to uy?)

• How to make sure your products and services are 100% compatible with your target audience

• How to do some simple Keyword and Market Research to supply exactly what your clients are looking for

• How to come from a position of “Marketing Abundance” to dominate your niche

• How to boost traffic – that’s f*ree traffic to your site

• How to create optimised conversion environments (Sites

that get people to do things YOU want)

• How using “Abundance Marketing” Principles can increase the number of leads you get

• How to retain and farm existing customers and boost your customer retention.

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 Come and join Andy and Dave on their 8 week Webinar where they will use and share their 40 years combined marketing and sales knowledge to guide you through every aspect of generating leads and building targeted lists. (Targeted lists to convert into sales, convert in money)

 You also get access to a Members only website where all the recorded Webinars can be played back again and again, along with additional supporting videos delivering even further into the subjects covered on the Webinars.

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 If you believe that you will succeed with any sort of online business without first understanding and implementing a lead generation system then you may be in for a shock.

 For the small investment of both time and money you will get your online marketing and list building off to a flying start!!

 To your lead generation success

 Loran Northey

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 Note:  I have been on Andy”s and Daves training and can honestly say that it has great content, is dvelivered in an understandable way, is value for money and DOES make a huge positive impact on your database and google ranking, once you put the easy steps into place.

 PLUS for this programme right now you”ve got it at the bucket price – it”ll be alot more expensive next time around!

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