Obstacles in your way!

I’ve been to many a self development, personal growth seminar and training events ( I enjoy them and I always learn something from them) and the one thing (well there are actually many things but that’s for another day!) that they have in common and

that is that when you set goals you make them SMART, time related, with a specific result and then you usually go ahead and are encouraged to imagine all the external things or ‘boulders’ that may stop you on your path or life journey and then you go ahead and imagine how you will climb over, go around or blast through them on your road to success.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I have very successful achieved my goals that have been set in the past and enjoyed this process.

However, in my experience the things that have been my obstacles or boulders on my path of discovery have been internal and rather than being boulders they have been more like quicksand or mud-holes keeping me stuck either in the problematic moment or in the current thought patterns that just weren’t helpful to my progression.

How did I know it was internal?

Well, probably because I’ve been to so many trainings and am lucky to have extremely good mentors and associates.

I firmly believe that everything starts with me and ends with me and that I am ultimately responsible for my own outcomes.

A hard lesson to learn sometimes, but I am glad that I learnt it!



IF I feel like I’m stuck in a hole financially, I don’t blame the banks, the clients

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who haven’t paid on time or the
unexpected bill that comes my way.

IF I feel stuck in a health whirlpool perhaps tired, stressed or just generally run-down, I don’t make excuses about having to work all hours, or not having the time to exercise or take time-out.

IF I feel that i’m stuck in relationship quick-sand that seems to be sinking so quickly that I feel I’m already up to my neck in it. I don’t point the finger at the other person and wallow in it!


I take responsibility for myself and I pull myself out of that ‘hole’ that ‘quick-sand’ that ‘whirlpool’ and drag myself out and forward using whatever skills I have.

Now, I am not saying that I do it all alone because I don’t, what I do is I find the right people to help me with whatever it is I need to know or do BUT I then go and DO IT!.

Pointing the finger and allotting blame does not work for me and

never has which is why I learnt long ago to do something different, take responsibility and find a way.

So next time you are goal setting, enjoy it, dream big and remember to put your own internal ‘sticky patches’ on your success path, then work out a way to remove your internal barriers to your success.

Then I think you’ll find, like me, that the potential external ‘blocks’ do not appear and your future path is just so much easier than you thought it could be.

A helpful thing to ask yourself when you are feeling challenged or ‘stuck’ is ‘What do I need to learn ? What do I need to remember? What do I need to forget-right now?’

Remember: Your problems and the solutions to your problems lie within…..

All the best!