Order! Order!

Order is a great way to lessen and remove your anxiety.



Creating some form of control in life and any situation will reduce and finally remove any anxiety, stress, fear and worry.

The unknown or uncertainty create fear and anxiety so the more you can create order, regularity and familiarity into life then the more incontrol, capable and confident you will feel.

Ear mark, acknowledge and confront any changeable sources of anxiety in your life.

Sometimes anxiety stems from a feeling of being overwhelmed by a million little things that feel that you have to get done. Each individual item on your to-do list may not be a big source of stress, but the compilation of a lot of small obligations & expectations can end up being an anxiety-inducing nightmare. Tackling issues you have the power to change one at a time can help you feel less anxious right

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away, confront each item in order of importance and concentrate only on that, complete and then move on until list is completed.

Each your frogs straight away – which means complete the small but annoying but important tasks right away so they don’t start accumulating. For instance, pay your bills, parking tickets and credit cards on time, get your taxes completed and submitted well in advance, block your tasks – Do all phone calls – then all emails – then the vaccuuming, ironing, shopping, etc, keep your doctor and dentist appointments, and so on.
Completing tasks on your to-do list in order of importance and urgency, one by one, give you control and may allow you to approach them from a different angle, meaning that are completed more effectively. For example, if you’re dreading an appointment at the bank or financial advisors that’s coming up, bite the bullet and make the appointment, the organise all the paperwork you may need to take with you and also arrange for someone to go with you, if necessary. Prepare to dress clean and tidy, be on time, preferably early and have what you need with you in easy reach, perhaps rehearse what it is you want to say and write down any questions that you may want to ask. This lessens your anxiety as it creates personal control and familiarity within the situation.

So remember, create order and you can all release stress and anxiety! Think and ask ‘ How can I make this familiar to me?’ ‘When have I done something like this before?’ ‘ How can I make this easier for me?’ ‘How come I know exactly what to do?’

For more information, help and assistance to effectively combat your anxiety please contact me on info@lorannorthey.com, FB lorannorthey TW lorannorthey, SK loran.northey or (UK) 7709 564426