LoranReiki Treatment:
Reiki treatment is very relaxing and you will leave you feeling refreshed, soothed and feeling able to get on with your life much more easily with less hurdles and blockages to interrupt you. It works on all levels: the physical, psychological, emotional, and or spiritual and helps to relieve and clear stress, fear and anxiety.

What is Reiki?
Reiki reduces stress, improves relaxation and therefore aides the immune system. It promotes well-being and balance on all levels. It is a method of natural healing which enables Universal Life Energy (the meaning of Reiki in Japanese), to be given through the practitioner. The practitioner will use their hands to direct the energy to the client’s body using the chakra system.

Why have Reiki?
It is important to be aware that we not only have a physical body but also an ‘energetic’ body. In order to achieve long lasting permanent health and wellbeing it is critical to detoxify both the physical and energetic body. The physical body and the energetic body are connected by way of energy centres or chakras of which there are 7 major ones. These are the interface between both the physical and the energetic body. The 7 chakras are directly related in the physical body to the endocrine glands and our hormonal system (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, female/male hormones, adrenal glands, pancreas etc) and therefore directly affect our physical health, and vice versa: if the physical body is toxic, it will mean that our energetic body is toxic too. The energetic body contains all of our subconscious beliefs and patterns which we have learnt and taken on board throughout life including those from infancy, childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Everything we have experienced has a direct effect on the present day. Sometimes, negative subconscious beliefs and patterns have built up in the energy body and cause the energetic body to be toxic. As a result, the physical body can become toxic too. Therefore, it is important to detoxify the energetic body as well as the physical body.

Whatever pain you have – physical, emotional or psychological, a Reiki treatment will relax you and leave you feeling refreshed, meaning you have a renewed vigour for life!

Overall benefits of Reiki:
• Improved levels of relaxation.
• Increased vitality, well-being and general energy levels.
• Detoxification of mind and body.
• Improved self-esteem, self belief and confidence.
• Increased self-awareness and calmness.
• Decreased levels of stress & anxiety.

Reiki benefits for your physical issues including:
• Insomnia and other sleep challenges.
• Body injuries (speeding up the healing process for muscles issues, cuts & even broken bones).
• Pain relief including headaches & back pain.
• Problems with the digestive system.
• And many more stress related health challenges.

How many sessions do I need ?
One session of Reiki will generally help ease most conditions, however regular sessions including a 6 week programme are more effective for permanent ongoing results as well as a preventative measure that leads to having a healthier, happier life.

Sessions in 30 & 60 minutes blocks.


Maple Leaf Clinic

Maple Leaf Clinic
20 The Green
Tel: 0208 255 9666/7



The Fir Tree Clinic
Fir Tree Farm
Pamber Road
RG26 5PZ
Tel: 01256 850 873

If you haven’t experienced the wonderful results of Reiki YET, book your appointment now and get that rectified!
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