Relax and release!

A great way to lessen your anxiety, worry and fear is to learn how to relax and shut off.

It”s really important for you to learn to relax and then put that learning into practise and regularly relax your mind and body.

Relaxing your body, by whatever natural means, is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, worry and fear. Don”t expect your anxiety to immediately dissipate; it can takea little more time than a second but rest assured it will go!

Release images

In most cases, try not to fixate on your anxiety, worry, stress or fear itself while you”re relaxing. Think of something calm and tranquil, like a mill pond or forest or think of nothing in particular at all, just imagine blanking a screen in your mind and turning on the mute button to your thinking. Let your body tell your mind that everything is okay and it”s now time to rest.
Listening to calm, soft music or natures sounds are very therapeutic and relaxing. Music really gets you relaxed and happy as does nature. Try listening to music with no vocals and pick music with instruments like the flute or piano. Classical, mellow jazz, or folk tunes or ballards generally have a feel good effect, you will know however, what music makes you feel good!

Taking a relaxing bath can seem like the anser to all your woes! Adding Epsom salts or another fragrant bath salt or oil for a luxurious touch and relaxation is extremely beneficial. Indulge in your private time and relax the body.
Another way to relax body and mind is to get a massage. Either having a professional massage, physio, chiropractor or have a loved one give you a stress-relieving massage can make an enormous difference to your thinking and well-being.
Write it out! do some journalling/diarising/unconscious writing. Write down what”s bothering you, what you”ve been busy with, what”s overwhelming you, getting on your nerves, writing how you feel will help you to get out your negative emotions and be able to release them and move on. Writing down and getting out what you think and feel is a massive step into being anxiety free

Do a mind body exercise. Perhaps practice yoga, meditation or tai chi. Yoga as a daily exercise, practicing the deep stretches and slow body movements will help you to clear your mind and energise and balance your body. Meditating – clearing and silencing your mind – will give you peace of mind and relaxation and respite from you busy thoughts, which will double the relaxation Med sin stilige design og raske og effektiv kundestotte er Leo Vegas virkelig i ferd med a skape seg et omdomme som et av de mest spillervennlige casinoene pa nett et. effect to ease your stress and anxiety.
Use guided imageryor internal visualisation to imagine a place that makes you feel at peace. Imagine somewhere that you feel happy, calm, safe and secure, focus on the details to fully remove your mind from the present. Being in this place creates a calm, incontrol, confiendent and serene you.
Do yoga or tai chi alone or in a group setting to help you release and relax. As you advance in your exercises and capabilities, you will be able to form more indepth moves that encourage you to focus internally, which then takes your mind off your stress, worry, anxiety and fear.
Feel the benefits by Practicing deep relaxation and doing progressive muscle relaxation. This is when you work through your body by tensing your muscles, holding the tension for approximately ten seconds, and then releasing it. This will soften and relieve all the muscles in your body. it is said that this technique relaxes your body 10 times more than when you just actively try to relax!

The final way that I am going to talk about is to do something that you enjoy, not what you have to do but what you want to do! Do things you love and enjoy. More often than not when you”re stressed and anxious, you can look at your schedulem diary, planner and see that it is chokka block with things that you feel you have to do and not anything that you want to do, there”s no room or time left for your favourite activities. Whether you enjoy drawing, scribbling, writing, reading, playing sports, listening to music, designing clothing, volunteering or cooking, make sure that you set aside time on a daily & weekly basis to do those things you enjoy, encorporate those fun things into your schedule and diary.

Work – life balance is definately extremely beneficial to life”s overall enjoyment – in my humble opinion!

Maybe finding and experiencing a new hobby or interest to help you relieve your stress would be benficial.

There are many knitting classes now designed to de stress the attendees due to knitting and talking, perhaps a zumba class or similiar would release your anxiety or attending a motivational talk or specialised skill course would focus your mind and distract your thinking into being calm and controlled. Whatever you feel interested or impelled to do – then do it!

Learning something new will take your mind off of whatever is bothering you, and give you a new interest and possibly new friends to enjoy.

This is somehitng I will ask of anyone reading this – despite how busy and tight for time you thing you are please allocate or set aside at least ten minutes a day to do what you enjoy and

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I mean really enjoy, whether that”s sitting in a chair completely quiet, walking in the greenery, gardening, reading a book or paper, watching a TV sitcom or just phoning your best buddie for a chat and a laugh – do it!

It has been suggested scientifically that ideally you should spend thirty minutes to an hour a day, allowing yourself just a small break from your hectic schedule & reality and that break in thinking will be enough to lower your stress and anxiety levels to a minimum and manageable level.

So, get day-dreaming,

meditating or maybe become active in martial arts, hypnosis or NLP and be able to clear your mind, relax your thinking and calm your body from stress and anxiety – the easier way!

For more information, help and assistance to effectively combat your anxiety please contact me on, FB lorannorthey TW lorannorthey, SK loran.northey or (UK) 7709 564426

🙂 Loran