Simple Ways To Feel Better Now!

Hi, here are some simple tips to feel better now…

1) Get out and about!

Everyday, leave your residence and go outside…
Walking is a proven & phenomenal Stress Buster.
Some things you could do are: swap your after work wine/pub excursion, for a walk in the local park. Swap your after work wine/pub excursion for a game of rounders or Frisbee, etc with drinks in the nearest park or take a walk and end it in a nice pub! 🙂
Being outside in fresh air and nature…works wonders!

If you are planning to be more active then chose realistic goals, if you currently do very little exercise then planning a non stop 15 minute run every night from tomorrow, is not sustainable-yet!. Be realistic…plan your route, run 2 mins, walk 3 mins, and so on for 15 mins… stretch and cool down at the beginning and the end, building up your exercise routine gradually. This enables you to appreciate your surroundings and your activity.
If you run full pelt for as long as you can muster and then collapse in an exhausted heap, you will not only have probably hurt yourself physically, but you have quite possibly proven to your inner mind, your self saboteur, (the

part of you that said you couldn”t or wouldn’t be able to do it)-that they were right – Be Realistic & you will succeed!

2) Make a plan of Action

To gain more confidence and positivity over your future – make a plan!

If there”s something coming up that you know you will find challenging, find someone who has either been through the same thing and come through it positively or find someone who knows what to do in that situation and can guide/mentor you.

Make plans for future challenges / events /situations – as the old saying goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” Find someone who can help you cope, whether that’s an individual or an organisational/ forum or community. Ask yourself beforehand, who do I need to locate to assist me to find the answer to this challenge? Where can I get help to prepare me for this?, What preparation do I need? What do I need to do? Who do I need to talk to? Who has the knowledge I need to assist me in this? Make the choice, decide to get the help you need to overcome the problem… once you have done that, then, the problem meerly becomes an accomplishment waiting to happen…Remember, you dont have to get it right, just get it going!…By learning and adapting, you”ll get it right…Just take action..

3) Re-Assess your Life Plan

If you are generally unhappy or unsatisfied with your current life-CHANGE IT!

I know that sound easy, but it really is-it all depends on your perception… Here are some suggestions…

* Cut down your work hours and retrain in something you”re more interested in.
* If you want to keep full time hours – do an eve course or weekends, talk to your local government officer.
* If you want to have a life partner but currently your life is all work and no play, re-assess, join a gym or social club, enrol in an online community or dating site, Start a meet up group in your area for your interests, or join one-whatever it is-DO SOMETHING!

Often, with a gratitude and clarity that they never previously had, people tell the most amazing stories about how they changed their lives for the better after they have survived progressive cancer or when they now appreciate life, because they have managed to live through an atrocity/trauma or disaster… their perceptions have changed because of those events and the simple things-like happiness, love, fulfilment, direction, etc, are now precious- Do we really need to go through all that, to be who we want to be? The answer is no……………

What we say to ourselves, the reasons of why we cant change, mostly out-weight the reasons of why it would make us much happier & fulfilled to change-all I ask of you now is to consider this – what are the luxury (as is in non life threatening or life as we know it) problems that you have? Can you change? Is it possible for you to look at things differently? Or I question you: Do you have to wait until your perspective is changed by a major traumatic event, a tragedy or a life threatening situation? There are no Right or Wrong answers………..Just think about it….

If you are unhappy, confused, depressed, whatever you want to think of yourself right now, then I suggest that you explore why that is, ask yourself why you think you are you what you say you are? For what reason?…and then think of the polar opposite of that belief…I.E.’ Nothing works for me, only others”……Polar opposite = “Now I have opened myself up to the possibility, I welcome the positive changes that I want and deserve in my life” – say anything…..just make sure it contradicts the first negative thought/sentence! Because, once you accept responsibility for you and your thoughts, life & problems and then you decide/choose to do something about it ,once you have decided that you “own” your problem/challenge and that you can do something to solve it-the power is always yours. You always have the responsibility for yourself and the power to change….

Think things over, when things seem bad or even worse than that, think of another context or perspective, is it possible that even though these need addressing, maybe they are not needing as much energy as you are giving them?

Lots of words, but easy change…

To your positive Future…All the best!

Loran Northey

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