Stop Procrastinating and Start Living!

Here are some simple mind skills to enable you to stop procrastinating and actually get things done!

Following are some simple instructions to follow that will help you to think differently, which will allow you to act differently which will give you different results!

You don’t need any special skills to be able to do these techniques, just read through the instructions fully and then I suggest you read them out loud and record them onto an audio player to then play back and follow the instructions or alternatively do the technique with someone else reading out the instructions for you to follow.

Relax – read instructions through – have fun!

When you complete the techniques, make sure you are in a safe environment, it’s your choice whether you want to close your eyes or not, but many people do prefer to do so as it enhances their inner vision-or so they believe!


  1. Choose a situation where you feel out of control – not because you don”t have the knowledge or the skills, but because your emotions get the better of you. Examples may be fear of success or fear of failure. E.g. Not committing to a healthy eating plan for fear of it not working! Not writing a book for fear it becomes a best-seller or not starting up a Home Business for fear of failure.2. Understand now that this is simply an attitude or belief that is stopping you from doing something that you know you could do, so decide what is the opposite to your fear and imagine what you will be doing when you are back in control. Choose a specific example of this behaviour, preferably one that is immediately testable. E.g Following a proven healthy eating regime, writing the book or Creating a business plan.3. When you have this in mind then sit comfortably, then imagine floating out of your body, imagine yourself sitting a little behind and just above from your physical body. In your mind”s eye/imagination, see the back of your head, the width of your shoulders. See what your hair looks like, what your clothes look like from this point of view,

    looking down at the back of yourself. Make this picture as fully dimensional as possible.

(Remember: This technique uses your natural visualization and imagination skills, you do not need to ‘actually’ see it, to know that your inner mind is following along and doing exactly what’s being asked-so relax and trust that your mind is playing along-just fine!)

4. Now, imagine that you see yourself starting to stand up, and, as that happens, actually stand, so you are in precisely the same position as your imagined image.

(Now sit back down)

5. Repeat this thought and action several times, making it faster and faster each time, until you feel yourself being propelled and pulled to your feet by the vividness of your image.

6.Now imagine that you are standing just behind and slightly above yourself just like before but this time imagine looking at the back of yourself doing the activity that you identified in step 2. Make sure that you are in the same position that you have been before looking down on the back of yourself, in exactly the same way that you did in the standing exercise. Now see yourself doing the activity.

7. Run the activity from start to finish 5 times, stepping into the physical image each time. Then see yourself doing it another 5 times doing it faster and faster, then 5 times more even faster, stepping into the image each time, feeling the same “pull” as before.

8. Test by starting the activity and following it all the way through to the end, 5 times.

Now sit down quietly, close your eyes if not already closed for a few moments and imagine how your life will be different and better as this new skill generalizes out into other, equally useful and appropriate areas of your life.

See how your life will be, imagine the picture, make the colours bright and bold, the picture big and in your face!, imagine how you feel, what you think, how you act, what you see, what you act like, notice how you think about you, what you say to yourself and recognize the positive feelings that you are experiencing.

Now, take a deep breath, imagine your eye lids are the lens of a camera and imagine taking a snap shot of that great picture of yourself-(click-click-blink-blink).

That camera imagine of your inner vision can be called upon at any time now you have it as a blueprint in your mind.

In the future just relax and allow yourself to remember that image and it will come to your mind’s eye clearly and quickly and remind you of what you do now.

Practise! Practise! Practise!

Looking forward to hearing about all your positive achievements 🙂

To Your Success!

🙂 Loran