Stop that Thought!

To lower anxiety, stress and fear the ‘stop and replace.’ technique is very effective.


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is a process that allows you to stop anxiety in its tracks!

stop sign

Using this technique, when your become aware of an internal negative thought,image or voice.

You simply say ‘Stop!’ then simply imagine clearing the screen the image is on in your mind, turning on the mute button to silence the inner voice or turning off the negative thought. (These are easy to do – promise!)

Once you have mindfully stopped your anxiety-producing thoughts, you can then replace them with thoughts of something that brings you happiness or peace.

For example, if you’re having anxiety about an upcoming house move and you can’t stop thinking about what might happen should you forget something, stop that thought immediately, imagine blanking out the screen, turning off the sound and replace that image with a thought about you in your new home, relaxed, happy and contented.

As you can only have one thought at any time, you are in control of what that thought can be and by practising this technique, you will become better and better at
directing your thoughts more positively.

Say ‘Stop’ to any negative thought that you have. The more often you say it the quicker your mind will stop giving negative thoughts to you.