Tense & Release = Relax!

A really beneficial way to lower stress and anxiety when it happens is to practice progressive muscle relaxation.

This is a natural process of focussing on your physiology and slowly going and methodically through your body and tensing and relaxing each muscle group.


This is a mindfulness technique that allows you to focus on your body part fully and actively doing something different physically.

Science says the quickest way to feel differently about something is to move differently!

Progressive relaxation accomplishes two goals, by forcing you to concentrate on something other than your fear & anxiety while simultaneously relaxing your muscles.

Start with your muscles in your face, scrunch up your face and then let go, clench your jaw and let go, next your shoulders, flex then relax them, next your chest muscles, arms, fists clenched and released, stomach, upper legs, lower legs, toes flexed and released!

Work your way down from your head to your toes until you’ve relaxed all the muscles in your body.
Tense each muscle group for the count of ten, and then release the pressure & relax. You can do this for the same muscles multiple times if you wish, but once should be enough.

When you inwardly focus and actively clench, then imagine relaxing your muscles, they relax even more deeply.

This easy to do technique will relax your mind and body, leaving you feeling calm and in control!


To a calmer you,

Loran Northey


I look forward to hearing how you calmed & relaxed by using the technique suggested here.
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