The LORAN Programme – Module One – L is for Love ….

LOVE – What an emotive word that is, we can be warm and glowy at the thought or cold and shuddery at the memory!

One thing I want to say is that, whatever your experince so far with so called LOVE – your outside experience will be a mirror image of your internal experience – always!


Not really, quite simply, if you don’t like yourself very much and think you’re not worth alot then guess what, you’ll attract the people that think the same :-/ You’ll attract the types of people that when you are with them you will feel lesser than them, not good enough and your experience of LOVE will be negative.


Its not all gloom and doom though, as whatever your story with LOVE is so far you can change that. If you feel unworthy, not good enough, cursed, unlucky, unlovable or whatever! YOU can choose to believe something different, maybe even the opposite. Once you believe something different then you can begin to make the opposite happen!

Once you believe you are loveable and capable of love then you will start to attract the people that will believe that of you too.

It may seem like a mammoth job, but it isnt – thankfully!

Beliefs can be changed easily and permanently when working on Module One on The LORAN Programme. You will experience a hand holding nurturing experience that will allow you to let go of any old ‘stuff’ meaning that you can accept and love yourself warts and all, meaning that others can too!

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