The LORAN Programme – Module Two – O is for Observe..

Observation – sounds like it might be tedious doesnt it, but trust me it’s not and it can be in this case quite literally, life-changing!

In Module Two we delve into habits, behaviours and patterns that eep cropping up in your life.

Once we have the awareness

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then we have the choice to change what doesnt work for us anymore and accept what does.

This Module is all about looking at life up until this point, what are your recurring patterns? what are the negative beliefs that seem to always come true and which unwanted habits do you always go back to?

This Module is very enlightening as it enable you to be able to take a good look at yourself and be able to acknowledge what you want to keep about yourself and what you want to change. That in itself is liberating!

However, this module will not only liberate you but it will also encourage you to see you how you really are now, not what you used to be in the past or how you would like to be in the future, but how you actually are, right now!

And that will be just fine 🙂

There is a belief that we create our own enviroment and future, so by completing Module Two you can create your own self-fulfilling prophecy – a positive one!

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