The Transformative Power of NLP Hypnosis Techniques

It is well known that, when used properly, hypnotic “states” can be

used to create radical changes to a person”s personality, or even reveal abilities and skills they never recognized before. But a new type of hypnosis has emerged over the last several decades; a collection of psychological “tools” known collectively as NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

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NLP hypnosis continues to gain support within the mental health and self-help communities, and is increasingly being used by individuals “on themselves” to overcome phobias, “blocks” or limitations and reach their goals. NLP techniques can be effective for many different problems. For example, to remedy fears, overcome shyness, or even to stop bad habits like over-eating or using tobacco or cigarettes.

But even though NLP takes advantage of hypnotic states to make these positive changes, many NLP practitioner”s claim that “hypnosis” does not actually exist, at least not in any formal sense. But there are “hypnotic states,” which are quite common and experienced by most people fairly often.

An example of this would be when you catch yourself “zoning out” on the job or when you are bored. You just seem to mentally “drift off” for a little while, but are actually experiencing a type of (competely normal) hypnotic state. Your conscious mind becomes distracted and “detached” in a manner of speaking, and when that happens you are operating primarily at the unconscious level. In other words, you are literally in a subtle type of hypnotic trance.

NLP takes advantage of these naturally occurring phenomena; and what really sets apart NLP “hypnosis” is that trained practitioners can skillfully use your own normal hypnotic states to help alter your personality and habits in positive ways.

There are a broad range of NLP techniques that can help achieve these results and the concept is quite straightforward: to make use of our (normally ignored) natural hypnotic states to enable clients to change stubborn habits or overcome phobias and other issues.

NLP hypnotherapy is usually done “covertly,” which means that the client is not normally aware of the exact techniques that are being used — or sometimes even IF any techniques are being used. In this sense, it is a type of “positive manipulation” which can be used to help clients reach their goals (whatever they may be).

Skilled NLP hypnotists can appear to be doing nothing important at all; perhaps just talking casually with a client about some everyday matter. Meanwhile, under the surface, they are presenting useful suggestions and embedded commands to the client”s unconscious mind. Suggestions and commands that can change their outlook profoundly for the better.

In fact, the more skilled the practitioner, the LESS they seem to be actually doing during sessions. But the results of NLP hypnosis by a skilled practitioner, can be absolutely amazing. For example, individuals with low self-esteem may suddenly find themselves feeling very comfortable asserting themselves, without really understanding what (if anything) has changed.

NLP hypnosis clients can discover feelings of self-respect,optimism, motivation, self-control and confidence that they never realized they possessed. They may also find that old unproductive habits seem to have weakened, or in some cases, they may not recall ever having the habit at all! Such is the power of the human mind.

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Author: Jon Mercer
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