Instantly recover from an Anxiety Attack!

If you’re having an anxiety attack, there’s a good chance that you’re beginning to hyperventilate & quickly shallow breathe.

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Even if you’re not at this stage yet, deep breathing can help to reduce your anxiety & give you a much needed Oxygen hit to your brain to help you calm down and focus.

The deep breathing technique that I have found most instantly effective, is 4/7 Breathing.

It’s really easy & works straight away!

Here’s how to do 4/7 breathing:

Inhale/breathe in for the count of 4, hold the breath for 2-3 seconds, and then breathe out/exhale for the count of 7.

Repeat 4/7 breathing process for a minimum x3 times, or until you feel calm & anxiety free.

Challenge Buster:
If you are breathing too quickly to begin 4/7 breathing, use a paper bag to slow your breathing. Hold it over your mouth as you breathe, slowing your breaths progressively until you can begin your 4/7 deep breathing exercises.

If you cannot find a bag then you can do this effectively by using your hands. Clasp your hands together as you would if you were going to blow into them to warm them up.
Breathe into the gap your thumbs make, slow your breath for several minutes until you notice a difference in your muscle relaxation and clarity of thought, then move onto 4/7 breathing.
4/7 breathing technique is a great way to get more Oxygen into your mind/body at any time.
It increases a feeling of calm and overall well-being, so it is beneficial to start the day with it, do again midday and at the end of day.
If you are feeling an energy slump at any time then 4/7 breathing is also beneficial to perk you up.

There is a rumour that if you 4/7 breathe regularly, you naturally become happier and healthier!
Give it a go – the only thing you’ve got to lose, is your Anxiety!


I look forward to hearing how 4/7 breathing has helped you – leave a comment, facebook, twitter or email me, I’d love to hear from you!


To a calmer you,

Loran Northey