Undergoing Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Self hypnosis hypnotherapy can be easy if you know what to do. You need to find a quiet place, free of distraction and where you can lie down or relax on a recliner. You can use a CD player to play soft and soothing music that also has a narrator that teaches you how to go down to the deepest hypnotic state where you are relaxed and suggestible by focusing on something or visualizing traveling down a dark tunnel toward a calm and soothing light. One can also count backwards from a hundred going deeper and deeper into a hypnotic state.

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Eventually self hypnosis hypnotherapy begins to address the problems that face you and that brought you to hypnotherapy in the first place. You might have

problems with self esteem and poor self image. You may then use hypnotherapy to talk to yourself about your issues and say things like “I love myself fully and deeply” and “I am a beautiful person who deserves love”. You will begin to assimilate those things into your thinking even after you are not hypnotized.

Self hypnosis hypnotherapy also works if you want to quit smoking or lose weight. You basically go through the same hypnosis technique that you would for anything and then begin telling yourself the proper statements like “I don”t need to eat sweets” or “I can avoid eating too much” or “I can quit cigarettes for good” or “I don”t need to smoke”. These are things that eventually get to your brain and you begin to believe them, even after the hypnotic event.

When you use self hypnosis hypnotherapy, you can tailor your self hypnosis to whatever your particular issue is. For example, say you have an addiction to caffeine. You can hypnotize yourself and then say to yourself, “I don”t need caffeine anymore” and “I am fine without caffeine”. You will then awaken with the feeling that you don”t need to drink so much caffeine. You may even feel bad about yourself whenever you drink caffeine. The process acts on your brain to change the way your brain thinks and acts.

Self hypnosis hypnotherapy works very well on depressive patients who can put themselves into a deep hypnotic trance and then work on their issues. Statements one might say to oneself are “I deeply love and care about myself” and “I am a loveable and worthy person” and “I am worthy as a person”. The brain can take these things in and can carry them with you even after the hypnosis session is over. Sometimes it takes several attempts to make it work but it does work and can be very effective.

Caterina Christakos is a published author and reviewer. Find out more about hypnosis and hypnosis training here: http://hypnosisorlando.net/

Author: Caterina Christakos
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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