Want to be wealthier? Read this…

Five surefire ways to become wealthier!

Surefire Tip Number One: Decide To Be Wealthier

Make a decision today to be wealthier. Write down what this looks like, what it feels like to be you and wealthier, what you have and are doing and what people are in your life, enjoying more wealth with you. Draw it, write it, speak it, listen it! make it come alive – create it and carry it with you at all times, pin it to your mirror or officeboard, save it as a screensaver or record it and listen to it via your phone on a regular daily basis – or all 3!

You could use Noah St John afformations technique and state ‘why am I wealthier today?’ and allow your mind to fill in the gaps. (Found here:http://www.noahstjohn.com)

Once you make a decision, your mind will automatically start working on the solution to create that decision and vision into reality.

Surefire Tip Number Two:Take Responsibility

This simply means that you take responsibility for your relationship with your money. this simply means knowing how much money you have, when and where it come in from, where you spend it wisely and where you can cut back. It means organising a system, money in, money out-balance. It doesn’t have to be complicated just get it acknowledged.

When you know what money you have and where it’s going, you have a sense of control over the situation and this means that you will build a better relationship with your money and your money will begin to work for you.

Surefire Tip Number Three: Use the money pot system!

Wealthy people have a different way of thinking about money, they pay themselves first always and then pay others! Learning from many wealthy people I have learnt that money flow is essential for sustainable wealth.

Use the money flow pots system and put 80% into TODAY pot for everyday life, 10% into SOMEDAY pot for treats/gifts/rewards and 10% into the WHEYHEY pot for longterm investment. Do this every month, without fail. No matter what, the WHEYHEY pot is left untouched until used for asset gain. Use this system and you will become wealthier.

Surefire Tip Number Four: Widen the gap

Make do and mend! no not really but cut back where you can, now you know where your moneys coming from and going to, look at where you can cut back. Wealthy people are always looking to improve the way that they spend their money. Money should be used and enjoyed definately but used wisely, the saying goes ‘A fool and their money are soon parted’. Always look to respect your money, improve your income and watch your costs.

Remember: Wealth is Accumulating assets, not possessions.

Surefire Tip Number Five: Contribute 🙂

Wealthy people live in an abundant world, where there is enough for everyone. Wouldn’t you like to live in an enviroment where there is an multitude of everything and where everyone is looking out for one another, giving and sharing what they can for the overall benefit of all.

The time of philanthropic wealth is now, wealthy people give back, just look at Bill Gates and Richard Branson for examples of how this works really viagra without a prescription canada well.

The more we operate with a cooperative and collaborative attitude, the overall wealthier we will all become.

The saying ‘charity begins at home’ also applies here which means that if you do not have excess wealth to give then you can contribute with your time, experience or knowledge.

Choosing to believe that there is always enough will make you a lot wealthier, a lot quicker!
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