Wedding Season: Your Dream or Dread?

Weddings – what do you think of when you hear the W-word, wedding?


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Does your heart skip a beat for the excitement and attention the bride will feel on her big day, anxiety & apprehension that everything will go to plan or even just really feel for the bride and groom knowing what a stressful and highly emotional roller coaster they’re about to embark on?

The truth is weddings can strike the fear of god into any attendee, not just the groom (for his ultimate commitment), the best man ( for his speech) mother of the bride ( for her outfit), bridesmaids ( to look stunning ALL DAY) Brides father ( handing over his precious girl to another!) or the bride (pressured to be the loveliest there has ever been and not a Bridezilla! )

No, weddings can bring up all kinds of insecurities, old resentments, fears and judgements by everyone and anyone involved!

Perhaps it’s your worst nightmare as you’re afraid of the dentist and therefore don’t feel you can smile in the photo’s, perhaps you’ve gained a bit of weight and now feel so self conscious that you don’t really want to go and face judgements from others or perhaps an old flame or partner will be there and it will just bring up old memories and emotional pain for you.

Whatever your role, large or small – if you have a reason to dread the up and coming event please do something about it In order to be able to enjoy it.

If you’re going to go then the best option is to feel comfortable and at ease.

Whatever your reasons, seek assistance to be able to think differently because once you do, you will make different choices and be able to feel differently about it.

If it’s a fear of public speaking rest assured help is at hand – get some coaching to get over it, if it’s a self image issue, again, help is at hand – have some hypnotherapy to feel differently about yourself, if it’s a lost love/broken heart challenge then again, help is here – have some energy healing to be able to let go of past hurts and contently live in the now.

Don’t have wedding hell when you can easily have wedding heaven 🙂

For assistance on how to make that happen for you, contact me:

Loran Northey

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