Weight Loss Surgery Complications: The Risks Associated With Bariatric and Gastric Lap Band Surgery

Recent research into gastric band surgery has revealed that as many as half of patients treated with a market leading weight loss device between 1994 and 1997 needed to have it removed within nine years.

Jacques Himpens, a Belgian surgeo

n who specializes in obesity treatment, monitored the progress of 82 patients who were using the Allergan Lap Band for a period of twelve years or more. His study showed that a significant number of patients experienced Lap Band problems and long term complications that threatened to overshadow the benefits of using the device.

Approximately 60% of the patients who responded to Himpens” study experienced Lap-Band problems caused by band erosion, and needed further surgical procedures to address this issue. Himpens, who no longer treats patients using gastric bands, has used his findings to draw attention to

the limitations of this kind of lose fat surgery. While he acknowledges the value of gastric band surgery as a weight loss aid, he emphasizes that patients should expect stringent, “lifelong” monitoring of their health following the procedure.

The dramatic increase in surgical slim down procedures has coincided with soaring obesity rates in the last decade. Approximately 30% of adult Americans are considered obese (a body mass index of 30 or more) and gastric bands remain the most widely used treatment option for severe obesity.

The device accelerates slim down by restricting the amount of food that the stomach can digest in a single sitting. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime, patients have viagra shop benefitted from significant relief from weight related complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and breathing problems. However, Himpens” investigation into Lap Band problems demonstrates the need to re-address the shortcomings of the procedure.

Bruce Wolfe, president of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery has conceded that the Belgian study draws on outdated research. He suggests that modern advances in gastric band manufacture have reduced the Lap-Band problems experienced by Himpens” study group, particularly band erosion. However, Wolfe maintains that Himpens” research is a useful reminder of the complications which accompany gastric band surgery and highlight the fundamental need for on-going medical supervision following the procedure.

Conversely, recent studies have revealed that there is a more permanent and safer way to lose weight without having to experience the risks associated with surgeries.

The Hypno-Band weight loss system or “virtual gastric band” has proved to be a very successful weight loss solution. The Hypnosis band weight loss system has no side effects and it is 100% safe, as this system does not require any surgery. Many dieters, who have opted for this weight loss solution, say they feel happier, have a better understanding of their relationship with food, and now lead a healthier life.

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Author: Todd Stofka
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