What is an Anxiety Detox & How will it help me – Why do it?

Anxiety, I think is a curse of our modern time! Harsh but true….

It seems that we live in a time in history where we live fast paced lives with very high expectations in all areas, financial, career, family, parenthood which can create high levels of stress, anxiety and worry.
These are negative effects of modern day living not totally acceptable & expected side – effects of our modern times.

Anxiety is an ‘umbrella heading’ for many other negative emotions like stress, worry, fear, procrastination, addiction, etc. It has been medically proven to be the underlying cause of many diseases, health concerns and medical conditions plus it is also seen as the major contributor to mindset challenges like depression, OCD, GAD all of which negatively impact on our overall health & wellbeing.

In fact it was recently documented that 60-90% of Doctor appointments are stress related that cannot be correctly diagnosed for their cause and cannot be treated in that visit with suitable medication or medical procedure. That’s not good news is it? At best, medication may be prescribed for later ongoing use which will only dumb the symptoms but not remove the problem or cause. That’s even worse news!

Well, if the medical profession can’t really help then it’s probably a good idea to help ourselves, isn’t it.
By going through a simple process of locating what we are thinking to create our elevated anxiety, worry and fear and their subsequent side effects like health problems, mental health challenges, etc.

We can then begin to release those causes and be able to change our thinking so that we are dealing with what’s actually happening and not what we are imagining that might happen or believing to be true.

An Anxiety Detox will allow you to release old thinking and behaviours so that you can move forward with new beliefs and habits that allow you to remain calm and capable, responding to situations without increased emotion, past negative associations or going through life with a continually contained, fight or flight response!

Once you understand that you can do something about your own stress levels, fear and anxiety then life will become much easier much quicker for you!

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