What is WEALTH to you?

Wealth – What is it?

How would you define the word, Wealth?

The answer you give is exactly what these words will mean to you. When the word wealth is used from here on, it will mean wealth according to your interpretation.

You may imagine wealth as an unlimited supply of money, properties, jewellery, private yacht, private plane, expensive cars, etc. And if this is what lights your life, great!

Keep imagining and visualising (daydreaming) yourself with these things, enjoying these things, imagining the feel of them and how they make you feel, by having them.

Perhaps your interpretation of wealth is meaning influence, perhaps as a leader, maybe in politics, commerce or education, etc.

If this is the case then visualising and imagining yourself leading others, directing them, feeling how that feels, what it looks like, what methods you are using,seeing who you are positively influencing and acknowledging how that makes you feel.

You might think that wishing for both material wealth and wealth in personal power is a pipe dream. But it is not. In fact many times, you may have to have one to cheapest viagra price have the other.

To many, Wealth is simply enough of everything in life, health, wealth, love, laughter and money – Simplistic but satisfying.

Remember: Wishing – will not get you the wealth that you want BUT guided imagery, visualisation and focussed action – will!

All wealthy people state that they had a dream of where they wanted to go and what they wanted to achieve and enjoy in life,they thought about it and imagined it consistently and took the relevant actions to move them further towards their goal/dream, end result.

There is a belief that has been researched intensively in quantum physics, that ‘what you think about you bring about’ – or ‘you move towards what you are focussing on’or in another way ‘energy follows thought’.

So if you are going to create a self fulfilling prophecy, which quantum physics suggests that you will, then take steps to make it a good one!

Whatever your perception of wealth is for you, if you haven’t achieved it yet, then a good starting point is to get really clear on what it is exactly.

Go and give yourself permission to have a half hour or twenty minute daydream time and just ask yourself ‘What does wealth mean to me? what exactly do I want? what do I have? who is enjoying it with me? what am I

achieving? where am I? what am I doing? How am I feeling? Create a picture in your mind.
A really good exercise is to write it down, create a verbal picture. There is scientific evidence that just by writing down your goal or dream that you want for the future it changes the neurology in your mind and makes it more ‘real’ on a cellular level.

So go get a pen and paper and state a future date and create your verbal picture, something like this ‘It is blah blah date, I am looking at my bank balance and I have xyz balance, yahoo, I can’t believe it, I feel so great!
I can hardly contain myself. I am looking around my new house which is by the sea with the view overlooking the beach through the reeds which i just love! I am planning a BBQ with my friends for this evening to celebrate my success and my partner is busy rushing around getting the arrangements ready and they are in their element, it’s so great to know that I made this happen for us. I haven’t even told them the best part yet, that I’ve arranged a mini cruise and we leave tomorrow. I am so grateful that I have put systems in place that mean I can effectively run my company from anywhere in the world with internet access, meaning that I have the flexibility and freedom that I’ve always wanted.
I love running my multi media company and am excited and appreciative of the people who work alongside me and are helping me to create even more wealth and success. I feel completely wealthy, full of good health, wealth, prosperity, fun, friendship and love – How does it get even better than this?’

Once you have your specific wealth clear in your mind and you know that it is something that you want to move towards, the next step is to recreate this image and thinking consistently so that your mind believes it to be true.
Create a daily ritual of reading your verbal picture or imagining your wealth outcome, use temporal language so that you feel like you are experiencing and enjoying it, right now.

You could record reading your verbal picture and listen to it whilst on a break at work, on public transport or in quiet time at home.

You could also build pictures, artistry, mind maps, words and visual pointers that will remind you on a daily basis of what you want to experience and create in life.

Do this within the next 24 hours, act now and make your wealth dreams, a reality!

Remember: This is the very important first step to creating the wealth that you want in life and remember life’s a journey

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and like any other, if you haven’t any direction then you’ll end up somewhere, but not necessarily in the right place!

Another thing to remember is that the how you will achieve that wealth at this point is not important – for now just, dare to dream!

To Your Success

Loran Northey

BTW: If you have any questions or queries and/or would like some further assistance creating your own version of wealth and what that looks and feels like for you, then please feel free to contact me on info@paramountcoaching.com or alternatively, telephone or text on ( 44) 7709 564426 or Skype:loran.northey

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