On Friday, I visited a friend that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Instead of the night out that I had expected, we ended up stripping wallpaper from her friends front room from 8pm until 3am………….

Perseverance, determination and a sense of we’ve started so god help us we’ve come this far we have to finish it!

Drove us to get through it, but at times it was tough…REALLY REALLY, tough.

Our fingers, arms, backs and legs ached. (really ached)

The wallpaper sometimes came off in thin strips or miniscule bits.

The steamer made the room extremely hot and sweaty, plus

the less we had to do, the harder it seemed to get!

A kind of automatic feeling took over, the WHY of why we were doing it in the first place, was enough to spur me/us on……….

It seems to me that anything we do in life is fabulous when its all going great guns and we’re having a whale of a time, but what happens when the going gets tough, the rewards are not what we expect or deserve or the fun has just gone out of it?

For instance, hidden behind our strained necks, aching shoulder blades & weaning sense of humour!

As the decorating example shows the difference between success and failure is simple, well it’s what I think, it’s all based on the WHY.

WHY are we doing it? WHY is it so important to achieve?

WHY do we want to get this right?

When the WHY is bigger than yourself it spurs you on.

In this incident, the WHY was that the person could for the first

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time feel like their house would really feel like a comfortable family home once they felt it was decorated properly.

That wasn’t important to me really, I am a wherever I lay my hat is my home type, but to her it meant the world and because it was that important to her and her happiness, it was important to me, I want her to be happy 🙂

Whatever you are doing, whatever you are hoping to achieve, ask yourself – What is your WHY?

The WHY will keep you going through the hard and not so enjoyable times. The WHY will spur you on and make it happen.

When thinking of the WHY, think bigger than yourself (like my example with the house to turn into a real family home).

When the reason you are doing something is bigger than your needs or wants, it seems to be much more compelling to achieve!

Go ahead and have a go, who knows what you will achieve and who you will benefit along

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the way! 🙂

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